Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 22nd May 2021 Written Update: Shaurya and Anokhi confess their love for each other

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The episode begins offevolved with Shaurya conserving Anokhi’s face. Anokhi asks approximately his fitness at the same time as Shaurya is smiling in happiness. Anokhi asks what did physician say. Shaurya says that extra than Doctor he wishes her. He desires to listen what she desires to mention. He pleads her to mention what she desires to mention. Anokhi shouts that she loves him. He too confesses his love. They each confesses every different a couple of instances and hugs every different tightly. They each play loads and falls on ground.

Shaurya and Anokhi are of their pleasant temper whilst Shaurya says approximately her birthday. Anokhi recollects Shagun and her phrases. Her thoughts adjustments and at once receives up. Shaurya asks what happened. Anokhi says the time he got here to her, she forgot the whole lot which include her weakness, her dear, her ache. Anokhi says that every one her anger harm and ache lower back with the point out of birthdays. She says that she loves him however she can’t compromise her each aspect for him.

Shaurya asks what’s she announcing whilst Anokhi says it doesn’t training session among them. Shaurya pleads her to mention truly what she desires to mention. Anokhi asks whether or not he could say the fact if she asks and Shaurya receives frustrated. Anokhi asks him why did he split with Shagun. Shaurya falls brief of phrases together along with her query at the same time as Anokhi asks if he pressured her to pick out among him and studies.

Anokhi asks in him sure or no. She says that she has massive desires as she didn’t come there to grow to be Mrs. Shaurya Sabherwal. She says that she can’t compromise her dream for her infantile love. Shaurya asks why’s she talking like that as not anything like with a view to happen.

He receives disappointed whilst Anokhi calls their love infantile. He says that she doesn’t want to compromise as they could stay fortuitously however Anokhi denies believing. She says that their mind aren’t identical and they could’t be together. Shaurya pleads loads however Anokhi leaves. Shaurya appears at get manner devastated. He recollects her moments together along with her. He involves temple wherein Anokhi is and Anokhi appears at him questioning. Shaurya reveals vermilion in temple and throws it at Anokhi’s forehead. He claims that she’s his and not anything should extrade it. Anokhi appears shocked.

Precap : Aastha confronts Shaurya at the same time as Shaurya hides his engagement ring. Anokhi appears flustered on the vermilion on her forehead

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