Who was Masako Katsura? Google Doodle celebrates ‘The First Lady of Billiards’

by Mansi
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TODAY’S Google Doodle celebrates the existence of the Japanese billiards participant Masako Katsura.

The Tokyo-born participant made records because the first female to compete for an global name in this day in 1952.

Who become Masako Katsura?

Masako Katsura become born in Tokyo in 1913 and collected billiards at age 12 from her brother-in-law, a recreation room owner.

By the age of 15, Katsura become the Japanese girls’s champion in instantly rail – a hard variant of carom billiards wherein the cue ball need to hit balls in a row to attain factors.

After turning 19, Masako Katsura best competed in men’s tournaments; racking up 10,000 factors at one exhibition in a mind-boggling 4 and a 1/2 of hour run.

Why is Masako Katsura being celebrated with a Google Doodle?

Google is celebrating Katura’s anciental fulfillment of being the primary female to be protected in an global billiards championship.

Google has selected this day, March 7, as it become the day Masako Katsura made records at that match in 1952.

Today’s Google Doodle suggests an instance of 3-cushions billiards in action.

That is a good harder model of carom billiards that requires the cue ball to hit at the least 3 cushions earlier than hanging the 2 item balls for factors.

By the time Katsura moved to the USA in 1937, phrase of her unparalleled expertise had reached eight-time international champion Welker Cochran.

Welker Cochran organised the World Championship Billiards match in 1952 to look at her compete in opposition to international’s predominant billiards aficionados.

Katsura disappointed a number of the sport’s excellent gamers to complete 7th withinside the match, whilst the development she made for girls in a historically male-ruled recreation become a first.

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