Kundali Bhagya 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Pihu Dies After Getting In An Accident With Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya tenth December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on renovicco.com

Preeta is using with Pihu asking if she likes the burger, Pihu exclaims she likes it whilst Preeta explains they’re going to attain domestic very soon, Pihu asks for water, Preeta says she should first easy her face then could have as a whole lot water as she desires, she advises her to be calm. Preeta is continuously getting angry via way of means of the truck driving force who’s following her, she exclaims he’s a definitely fool man or woman as she isn’t always calm, Sonakshi gets ac all from Santosh who asks for permission to kill Preeta now however she replies that he should ensure it appears as an coincidence as though he hits her now then it’d be apparent however he should wait, Preeta thinks that she ought to deliver him a few manner but the driving force doesnot overtake her. Santosh replies that he’s definitely excited due to the fact his truck is definitely heavy and might weigh down Preeta and her daughter, Sonakshi asks him to ship her the pics after Preeta and Pihu have died.

Preeta realizes that after she speeds her vehicle, the truck driving force additionally hastens and so realizes that he’s following her and Sonakshi should have ship him after her, she wonders how reasonably-priced she may be so Preeta begins offevolved using fast.

Karna is anxiously watching for Preeta after which he attempts to move after Preeta however Dadi stops him thinking in which is he going, he replies that it’s been very lengthy because Preeta left so he’s concerned, Dadi asks why is he disturbing whilst he has already talked with Kritika who’ve confident they’re coming, she explains he would possibly take a few different route that allows you to purpose even greater problems.

Preeta receives concerned questioning what ought to she do, she makes a decision to take a flip because the heavy motors aren’t allowed there, she for a second is relieved but receives stunned after given that she continues to be being observed via way of means of the truck driving force even if she modified her route, she realizes that she is positive he’s following her and wants to make an coincidence, Preeta thinks she has to escape from the truck so she begins offevolved using fast, Pihu exclaims now she is taking part in so requests Preeta to pressure greater fast, Pihu at the same time as taking part in unknowingly unlocks the door, the pace comes Infront of Preeta so she quick stops the automobile, Pihu falls out of the automobile, Preeta calls her name, Karan withinside the residence feels that some thing incorrect has occurred so she rushes out of the automobile to shop Pihu, Santosh alerts his partner to pressure off, they each run away.

Preeta holds Pihu exclaiming it become her fault, she requests the man or woman to return back and assist her vicinity Pihu withinside the vehicle, she assessments her arm for the coronary heart beat but isn’t always capable of agree with it, she then begins offevolved crying calling Pihu to awaken, as her mom is asking her the police arrive at the scene whilst Preeta is exclaiming they want to move returned to karan, the inspector asks the woman officer to test who exclaims that she is useless, then the inspector exclaims that as consistent with the declaration of the driving force the kid died due to the rash using of Preeta, they asks her to arrest Preeta.

Karan exclaims that some thing definitely incorrect has occurred whilst Rakhi assures him the whole lot is first-rate and he should have a few water but he rushes, Sonakshi takes the glass announcing she can be able to placed it.

Preeta is pulled farfar from Pihu whilst the forensic crew additionally arrive, they near the scene and begin checking for any proof.

Rakhi hugging Karan exclaims that Preeta has long gone to deliver returned Pihu so the whole lot might be first-rate, Sonakshi enters the kitchen after receiving the text, she after seeing the pictures wonders what’s this so calls Santosh, he exclaims the paintings has been executed so if she is glad whilst Sonakshi replies she additionally desired Preeta to be useless however he has executed 1/2 of of the paintings, Santosh replies that he has executed his paintings so knowledgeable her that he can weigh down the automobile however she refused, he needed to do quite a few attempt in any other case it’d had been definitely clean for him to kill them each, Sonakshi exclaims that she desires to recognize the affirmation from him, he is of the same opinion so ends the call.

Sonakshi turns and is stunned to look Sherlin status there, she asks who become she speakme to whilst Sonakshi replies that Pihu is useless, listening to this Sherlin receives concerned whilst she exclaims Sonakshi doesnot have a coronary heart, Sonakshi says that there’s not anything to be concerned approximately due to the fact now Preeta might be thrown out of the residence and could land instantly into the jail, Sonakshi then asks her to move and throw all of the cash that is withinside the residence, Shelrin can not apprehend whilst Sonakshi famous she is speakme approximately the cash which karan took from the bank.

Preeta is continuously inquiring for to look Pihu but the inspector doesnot permit it after which pushes Preeta away, he asks the nurse to take Pihu away who exclaims they ought to at the least allow her see her daughter the ultimate time, Preeta begins offevolved calling her exclaiming they each have been going returned domestic so Pihu should awaken but the nurse over again famous she is useless, if Preeta isn’t always satisfied then can take a look at her wrist, inspector famous there’s no factor so orders the nurse to take her away. Preeta is compelled to take a seat down withinside the police vehicle with handcuffs. Santosh witnesses the whole scene.

Karan alongside together along with his whole own circle of relatives is watching for Preeta to return back returned, Kritika enters thru the the front door asking if Preeta did now no longer come returned until now, all of them get definitely concerned.

Preeta is placed withinside the lockup, she continuously requests the police to allow her move as she desires to be together along with her daughter but, she isn’t always listened to whilst Vinod walks into the police station, he’s stunned to look her so is going asking what has occurred, Preeta replies that she has been locked up, Vinod going to the inspector asks them to allow Preeta jee unfastened due to the fact he is aware of her definitely nicely.

In the morning the whole Luthra own circle of relatives is waiting, Dadi asks Mahesh to move and relaxation with Rakhi due to the fact they each aren’t nicely but Mahesh replies how can he sleep understanding Pihu isn’t always here, Preeta walks thru the the front gate whilst Karan straight away rushes to her thinking in which is Pihu, Sonakshi additionally asks her, Kritika receives tensed asking Preeta in which Pihu is due to the fact they each have been coming together. Preeta replies to Pihu might by no means come now, Rakhi worryingly asks why she might now no longer come returned whilst that is her residence.

Preeta walks instantly to Sonakshi thinking why she did this, Sonakshi attempts to behave as though she doesnot recognize something whilst Preeta exclaims why she took the lifestyles of this kind of small child, absolutely each person is shocked to listen this, Mahesh kneels protecting his chest. Karan forces Preeta to flip, thinking what she is announcing because it can not be the truth, Preeta turning in the direction of Sonakshi, exclaims she is the only who took the lifestyles of Pihu.

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