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Kundali Bhagya 10th December 2021 Written Update Preeta exposes Sona

by Mansi
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Kundali Bhagya tenth December 2021 Written Update Preeta exposes Sona Preeta drives Pihu toward the domestic. Santosh follows Preeta’s vehicle. Preeta appears to realize that a person is troubling her with the aid of using following her vehicle, however she doesn’t assume much. Santosh calls Sonakshi and tells her that Preeta’s vehicle is in the front of his truck, he can hit her proper away. Sonakshi tells that it ought to appear like an twist of fate. He tells that he’s excited to hit the automobile. Preeta offers a facet to the truck to move ahead, however Santosh nevertheless follows her vehicle. She wonders why isn’t the truck going ahead. She speeds the automobile to do away with the truck.

Santosh tells that he goes to kill Preeta now. Sonakshi asks him to ship her the photo of Preeta and Pihu’s lifeless bodies. Preeta unearths the truck following. She receives scared on understanding that Sonakshi has employed the truck driving force to execute her twist of fate. She tells that Sonakshi is virtually evil to chance Pihu. Sonakshi unearths Karan restless. Bani asks Karan to anticipate Preeta and Pihu. Karan tells that he’ll pass and locate Preeta and Pihu. Bani tells that he may also take the alternative direction and they will attain domestic. She asks him to simply wait. Preeta takes the proper flip to keep away from the truck. The truck follows her vehicle to knock her down.

Preeta receives issues while a heavy automobile is available in the front of her. She realizes that the truck continues to be at the back of. Pihu asks Preeta to force faster. Preeta doesn’t realize that the killer has broken the seat belt and additionally the door lock in which Pihu is sitting. Pihu’s hand unlocks the door with the aid of using mistake. Preeta receives a surprise on seeing the crane in the front and the truck at the back of. She applies the brakes. Pihu falls out of the automobile and receives harm.

She screams and shouts out Pihu. Karan receives his coronary heart sinking and additionally receives harm while he senses that some thing is incorrect. Santosh clicks their photo. He flees from there. Preeta exams Pihu’s pulse and cries. She asks Pihu to get up. She asks a person to assist her in getting her daughter to the automobile. She is shocked while she doesn’t locate Pihu’s pulse. She freezes and hugs Pihu. The police reaches the twist of fate spot. They take a look at Pihu’s pulse. Preeta tells the constable that Pihu is her daughter. They inform Preeta that Pihu is lifeless.

Preeta tells that Pihu is sleeping, she isn’t lifeless. The crane driving force tells the police that Preeta changed into riding rashly and implemented brakes, then the female fell out of the automobile and died. The inspector tells that the female died due to Preeta’s carelessness. He arrests Preeta. Karan tells Rakhi that some thing has happened. Rakhi asks him to have patient, Preeta gets Pihu domestic. She hugs him and pacifies him. Sonakshi receives Santosh’s message. She fortunately exams to look the 2 lifeless bodies. She is stunned to look Preeta alive.

She calls Santosh, who tells that she ought to be satisfied now that the paintings is done. She asks why didn’t he kill Preeta. He tells that he might have killed Preeta earlier than itself, however she stopped him. She asks him what’s occurring there. He tells that he left from the spot. He provides that Preeta may be accused for the twist of fate. Sonakshi asks him to affirm the information. Preeta is arrested, at the same time as the police seals the spot. Preeta cries for Pihu and asks them handy over Pihu to her. Sherlyn asks Sonakshi what’s she doing.

Sonakshi tells her that Pihu is lifeless. Sherlyn is stunned to realize this. She cries for Pihu. Sonakshi tells that Preeta may be accused for Pihu’s death, police will arrest Preeta and throw her withinside the jail. She asks Sherlyn to get satisfied that they do away with Preeta and Pihu. Sherlyn calls her heartless. She tells that Preeta gets Sonakshi punished, she can be able to get greater risky after dropping her daughter. Sonakshi asks Sherlyn to simply rob the coins which Karan were given for the kidnappers. She tells that they may accuse Preeta for the theft additionally.

She asks Sherlyn to simply end the paintings rapid and are available again to the own circle of relatives. Preeta breaks down. She desires to have Pihu. Inspector asks Preeta to apprehend that Pihu isn’t anyt any greater. Preeta scolds the Inspector for speakme such awful matters approximately a bit female. He sends Pihu with the clinic staff. Preeta receives to look Pihu for the remaining time. She asks Pihu to get up. Preeta and Pihu are separated due to the police. Santosh maintains an eye fixed on them. Kritika reaches domestic on my own. She unearths the own circle of relatives waiting. She asks didn’t Preeta come domestic.

Rakhi tells that Preeta didn’t come yet. Preeta is introduced to the police station. She is placed into the cell. Vinod reaches there and unearths Preeta at the back of bars. She asks Vinod to assist her. Vinod asks the Inspector to go away Preeta free. He tells that he is aware of Preeta well. The own circle of relatives passes the whole night time at the same time as looking ahead to Preeta. They are involved for Preeta and Pihu. Preeta comes domestic on my own with out Pihu. Karan asks her approximately Pihu. Sonakshi asks Preeta in which is Pihu. She reminds that Preeta went to get Pihu domestic and make her testify in opposition to her.

Everyone asks Preeta approximately Pihu. Preeta tells them that Pihu will in no way come domestic. She is going to Sonakshi and unearths her doing a drama. She confronts Sonakshi for doing so incorrect with a bit female. She asks Sonakshi why did she get Pihu killed. The own circle of relatives is stunned to realize that Pihu is lifeless. They can’t tolerate this surprise. Preeta offers them the stunning information of Pihu’s twist of fate and death. The Luthras are shattered on understanding this. Karan asks Preeta what’s she announcing and why. Preeta tells Karan that Sonakshi were given Pihu killed. She exposes Sonakshi’s evil fact that the latter plotted the lethal twist of fate. Will the Luthras consider Preeta? Keep reading.

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