Barrister Babu 10th November 2021 Written Update: Bondita argues with Trilochan

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The episode begins offevolved with Bondita telling Batuk that she believes Anirudh is alive. Batuk says that’s her guilt as Anirudh died due to her. He noticed it that how Anirudh died even as seeking to keep her. Batuk says he’s going to grab all her favorite matters simply how she snatched Anirudh from him. She has to concentrate to him else she can be able to remorse as he’s going to damage her own circle of relatives members. After giving Anirudh’s baby she will be able to cross anywhere she desires however earlier than that she can be able to live in haweli only. Bondita feels helpless and he leaves.

Batuk offers meals to Bondita and locks her in room. Trilochan comes and says he desires to see if Bondita is pleasant or now no longer as she didn’t come to have dinner. Batuk permits him and Bondita says she is doing good. Trilochan says he’s there for her. Bondita tells Batuk to convey water and he leaves. Batuk offers the bottle to Bihari and the latter receives a letter despatched with the aid of using Bondita. She writes that she wishes a few stuffs to create smoke. Bihari offers the bottle to Batuk after which he hides the stuffs in a blanket and offers it to Batuk pronouncing Bondita will want it as its bloodless weather. Batuk offers the blanket to Bondita and at past due night time Bondita assessments the stuffs and creates smoke with the aid of using burning it.

Batuk is asleep and Bondita covers her nose. Batuk begins offevolved coughing and attempts to extinguish the hearthplace however Bondita thinks she blended remedy in it to make Batuk subconscious so this can’t happen. She tells Batuk that there are such a lot of mosquitoes in room and it’s dangerous for the kid so Batuk have to now no longer extinguish it. Batuk says it ought to be difficult for her to breathe. He attempts to transport in addition however then faints. Bondita extinguishes the hearthplace with the aid of using pouring water and packs her luggage. She comes out of the room and Sampurna catches her. She asks her why Anirudh is subconscious and in which is she going. Bondita explains the whole thing to Sampurna that its Batuk now no longer Anirudh. Sampurna receives stunned listening to that. She says she will be able to’t allow Bondita cross by myself on this condition.

Bondita says she organized Santiniketan tickets for herself that is Anirudh’s favorite place. She will cross there together along with her baby. She tells Sampurna now no longer to accompany her as Batuk can also additionally use Saswati for his purpose and Trilochan is likewise assisting him and he went towards Bondita. Sampurna hugs Bondita and the latter assures her she can be able to contend with herself. Sampurna comes out with Bondita and Somnath passes with the aid of using. Sampurna tells Bondita to name her after achieving her destination. Trilochan activates the mild and Bondita drops her suitcase. Trilochan asks her why is she leaving. Bondita says she is leaving as he harm her with the aid of using mendacity to her. Why he didn’t inform her that’s Batuk now no longer Anirudh. He didn’t believe her at all.

Trilochan says Batuk changed into proper Bondita were given the whole thing on this residence however she doesn’t fee them and leaving like a thief. She is likewise a loose minded girl and may marry a person in future. She will depart with Anirudh’s baby which he can’t accept. Bondita says he may want to have requested her as soon as what she thinks. She depended on him however he doesn’t recall her daughter surely accordingly he deliberate towards her with Batuk. Trilochan asks her then whats her wish. He can’t lose Anirudh’s baby after dropping Anirudh. Bondita says she additionally desires her baby to get Trilochan’s love. Trilochan tells her promise she won’t depart the residence with the kid. Bondita appears on

episode end

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