Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th November 2021 Written Update: Bhavani assigns work for Sai for Diwali.

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The episode starts with Virat says that he won’t allow her go , she says the identical after which Virat ask why don’t she can be able to now no longer allow her go. She says that she can’t see him in difficulties, she says that she desires to preserve him save, they hug every other. She says that we’re buddies and could usually live as buddies, she says taht she doesn’t need to interrupt her bond. She says she desires to be his buddy forever.

He says that until his closing breath she can be with him, he says that he’ll kind out all her hassle. He additionally says that he’ll come together along with her to her university and remedy all her hassle and ask her now no longer to alternate and live the identical manner as she is. Pakhi says that she absolutely desires to enhance their relationship. He says that he’s exceptional and step one she has to take. He receives a name from Virat and says that he have a few hassle at Mahabaleshwar, withinside the orphanage so he ask her additionally to include him as she usually desires. She is in catch 22 situation what to do.

Samrat ask Pakhi that she isn’t always ready. She says that there’s already a lot troubles so if she can be able to go, she doesn’t need to bog down her orphanage work, Samrat calls her smart. Bhavani ask wherein is Sai going, Virat says that to her university. Bhavani says that she has given duty to each of them, so she ought to now no longer behave like a woman and ought to now no longer dance and sing together along with her university boys.

Sai ask Bhavani that she became spreading a lot love on her however now why she began out scolding her. Bhavani name callings her that Sai thinks approximately combat withinside the morning at the same time as ither human beings do pooja withinside the morning. Sonali additionally name callings Bhavani that her university has began out, Diwali so close to so she need to assist them in residence preserve chores. Ashwini says that she can be able to take all her duty. Bhavani says that why don’t she to to sanatorium and entire her research and additionally do operation on her behalf.

Samrat comes and says that he goes to orphanage as he can’t depart the youngsters in hassle. Virat says that why don’t he be a part of Sai as he’s losing her to the university so he’ll drop him additionally. Pakhi says that she additionally desires to include them in order that she will be able to get a few greater time to spend together along with her. Samrat thinks that he is aware of she desires to come near Sai. Pakhi ask Sai to take a seat down down on the subsequent seat and he or she will take a seat down subsequent to Virat. Sai desires to devour candy, Pakhi says that how she can be able to address her personal youngsters as she is herself young.

Pakhi says that now and again what ever the own circle of relatives desires brings the couple greater distance. Sai ask Pakhi that why she became greatly surprised to knew approximately them as she desires to live away. Pakhi scolds her then Virat says that she ought to attain the university on time. Virat says to Pakhi that he goes with Sai to university however Sai stops him. Pakhi says that why she is letting Virat and her together, Sai says that she his self belief on her friendship. She leaves, Pakhi says that she she has usually depended on him that’s why she have married his brother whilst he instructed her.

Precap- Pakhi walks on the street and receives hit through a vehicle, she calls Virat for assist. He alternatives her up and brings close to his automobile however in the meantime Sai additionally got here there and unearths Pakhi in his arm.

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