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Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th November 2021 Written Update: Simar tells Samar the importance of someone special in life

by Mansi
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\The episode begins offevolved with Reema confirming Samar’s lodging at Narayan residence and tells Simar that if one extra man or woman got here returned domestic so it is ideal to have more income. Simar and Reema have a few arguments. Then Indu tells them that they could get overdue to get geared up for the Karwachaudh, She asks for assist from Samar. Reema tells Avinash to persuade Simar for the album and additionally to hold an eye fixed on Simar in order that she can be able to now no longer ask Samar to go away the residence, then Reema leaves for Oswal Mansion.

Simar is readorning the terrace for the Karwachudh, Samar comes and interrupts her. He tells that he prefers Valentine’s day over Karwachudh however then he says that he doesn’t agree with in love. He tells Simar that TajMahal turned into made while Shahjahan spouse turned into dead, that’s the handiest has one love in his existence this is music. Simar tells him that each one songs have seven positive however why can we handiest don’t forget some songs which are associated with our existence or heart. She explains to him the significance of affection and a person unique in existence. He then asks Simar whether or not she is fasting, she attempted to cover from him and tells him she isn’t fasting however if a person feels cherished if she continues fasting for that man or woman then truly she can be able to fast. Samar allows her in solving the lights.

Sandhya tells Aarav that she is satisfied to peer him satisfied and she or he continually prays for him and Simar. He tells her that he goes to fulfill Simar and he’s fasting for her. He says that he’s going to depart earlier than the visitor comes, Sandhya says that she additionally has to test the kitchen. Reema welcomes visitors, Geetanjali Devi us noticing Reema. All the women reward Reema and the manner she has embellished Oswal Mansion, Geetanjali feels satisfied. Reema sees Aarav leaving the residence, she follows him. As he goes to go away the residence Geetanjali Devi catches him and ask him to carry twenty-one to envelop for the Shagun from the storeroom. As he is going in the storeroom Reema locks him inner as she doesn’t need him to fulfill Simar and additionally she remembered the manner he slapped her.

Aarav attempts to pop out of the Storeroom however he turned into stuck, Aditi tells Reema to set up to air the panditji. When she known as Panditji he didn’t come however then Geetanjali Devi requested Rea to set up for Panditji at any cost. Reema one way or the other controlled to agree Panditji come to Oswal Mansion. When Simar come Samar checked out her and praises her.

Shobha comes together along with her own circle of relatives to Oswal Mansion. Geetanjali Devi tells Shobha that she doesn’t have any call in society however her mom has a call and she or he need to do whatever in an effort to damage their call. Lalit tells them that Manoj has a few vital paintings that’s why he can not come. The visitors at Oswal Mansion ask approximately Simar, Reema tells them that Aarav and Simar were given divorced and requested them now no longer to speak approximately her in this auspicious day. Aarav attempts his nice however can not pop out of the storeroom, Simar feels disturbed.

The end

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