Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 3rd December 2021 Written Update: Kanak convinces Hema to visit Sagar in jail

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Episode starts offevolved with Swara dances on her stall and Kusum collects cash from audiences. Gehna tells Anant that Swara disillusioned Jamuna yet again together along with her behaviour. Time receives over for 2d spherical of the opposition. Swara tells Kusum that Jamuna obvious her. Hema tells herself that she isn’t always going to win for certain and he or she is going to eat. Host asks Judges to show the winner name. Jamuna broadcasts that Swara received the second one spherical of the opposition. Swara and Kusum receives happy. Pankaj congratulates Swara. Host broadcasts that Desai’s main on this opposition for now.

Chetan name callings Hema. Host praises Swara’s overall performance and asks her to provide prevailing speech. She receives excited and praises her dancing ability and well-knownshows that she desired to turn out to be an actress. She tells them that she is prepared to carry out once more to show her talent. Kusum stops her and begins offevolved giving speech on behalf of Swara. She tells them that nobody respects dancers these days however this is additionally artwork only.

One of the Judge tells Jamuna that the latter is fortunate to get Swara as her daughter in law. Swara tells Gehna that nowadays the latter misplaced towards her and it’s going to retain and leaves from there. Anant asks Gehna that he isn’t always capable of recognize that how Swara were given this tons cash. Host asks all and sundry to be cautious due to the fact theif stealing their cash. Anant and Swara hears that and suspects Swara and Kusum.

Swara asks Kusum that what if Gehna discover the truth. Kusum remembers that how she stole cash from audiences after they have been looking Swara’s dance overall performance. She tells her that courtroom docket asks for an proof so with out that Gehna can’t do whatever. She asks her to experience the treat. Anant and Gehna overhears their conversation. He tells her that they don’t have any proof towards them. She tells him that they’ll entice them of their plan.

Hema informs Kanak approximately Gehna and Swara’s win. Kanak tells her that she is feeling awful for her however she can’t assist her via way of means of staying in jail. She asks her to fulfill Sagar and inform him to now no longer provide any declaration towards her. She informs her that he refused to fulfill her mom however he’ll meet the latter for certain. Hema receives afraid to fulfill Sagar however Kanak convinces her.

Gehna broadcasts that Swara determined to donate the cash she earned to the folks that misplaced their cash nowadays. She additionally broadcasts that Swara will prepare dinner dinner for them to rejoice her success. She asks them to touch Desai’s for meals order. Swara attempts to forestall her however ought to now no longer.

Later, Pankaj receives lot of meals orders and he informs approximately it to Gehna and Anant. Gehna asks him to assist Swara. He is going to assist Swara. She tells Anant that Swara’s anger is her weak point and if Pankaj did whatever incorrect then Swara will display her actual face. Swara is ready to misplaced her manipulate in the front of Pankaj and Kusum stops her. Swara complains approximately Gehna to Kusum. Gehna offers warm tea to Swara so the latter attempts to slap the previous however ought to now no longer. She warns her approximately subsequent spherical.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kusum name callings Tiya for going out with Krishna. Tiya informs her that Gehna gave permission to them. Jamuna name callings Gehna.

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