Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2021 Written Update: Prachi attempts to stop the Marriage

by Mansi
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The Episode starts offevolved with Rhea thanking Pallavi for saving her lifestyles and hugging her. Ranbir is ready to go into there, however a person pulls him out. Rhea says a person had come. Pallavi says no person, we could visit the mandap. Vikram is visible preventing Ranbir and says this marriage is essential for Rhea. Ranbir says he can’t marry Rhea. Vikram says they have got made him apprehend now no longer to marry Prachi, however he didn’t pay attention and went in advance to marry her. He says it’s far enough, he should marry her else they’ll die with Rhea. He asks him to marry Rhea and asks why do he need to damage the entirety for that woman. Pallavi brings Rhea to the mandap. Rhea sits and asks for Ranbir. Pandit ji says he went with Vikram. Dida asks Pallavi if she don’t apprehend that Ranbir don’t need to try this marriage. Vikram brings Ranbir there and makes him take a seat down at the mandap. He then makes him put on the turban. Pallavi asks Pandit ji to begin the wedding and tells Dida that Ranbir will marry as no person pressured him to marry. She folds her arms and asks Dida now no longer to feed such matters in his mind. Rhea smiles. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for the rounds and make every different put on garland. Rhea makes him put on garland. Ranbir imagines Prachi on Rhea’s vicinity and smiles. He then makes her put on the garland. Everyone smiles. He then sees Rhea and his smile vanishes. Rhea realizes he’s considering Prachi nevertheless and thinks when they get married she can be able to take out Prachi from his mind. Pandit ji asks them to take a seat down.

Pandit ji asks Pallavi to tie their ghatbandhan. Pallavi ties the knot. Ranbir recalls Prachi and his marriage. Suddenly a heavy wind comes. Pandit ji asks them to get the window closed and says if this havan kund hearthplace receives off then it’ll be inauspicious. Pallavi asks a person to shut the windows. Pandit ji asks Rhea and Ranbir to get up for the rounds. Ranbir continues to be sitting. Rhea asks him to get up for rounds. He imagines Prachi and starts offevolved taking rounds together along with her. Rhea thinks the entirety is taking place properly she’s so happy. She says her happiness might continue to be the equal however Pallavi informed Sid approximately this marriage. She says she understand the reality and says Prachi nevertheless loves Ranbir and has no affair with Sid some thing passed off withinside the inn became plotted via way of means of Buji and her. She thinks if Sid and Prachi come right here then they’ll do drama. Pallavi thinks 4 rounds are over and thinks no hurdles shall come among their marriage. Ranbir seems at Rhea as he stops after Pandit ji asks Rhea to stroll in advance from the 5th round. Rhea walks in advance. Suddenly the ghat bandhan fabric opens up. Vikram and Pallavi get bowled over. Dida smiles. Just then Prachi comes there and says prevent this marriage. Dida smiles seeing her. Ranbir is bowled over seeing her there. Rhea thinks why Ranbir isn’t always finishing it fast.

Prachi reminds Ranbir of his promise and says don’t try this marriage. Rhea says her drama commenced once more and says why don’t she pass some distance from them. She asks her to simply leave. Prachi says she can be able to now no longer say anything, she have made testimonies and performed with people’s lives. She says these days she got here to show her and quit all her video games don’t consider gambling any extra conspiracy. She says she can be able to inform her reality to everybody these days. She says what does she assume that she can be able to idiot her like she have fooled Sid that Ranbir don’t love her and desired to cast off her in order that he can marry her. She says will she agree and says will he marry her. Ranbir asks what does she need to mention. Prachi says what Rhea is hiding and blames her for his or her separation and says she made that inn plan and driven then there. She says she had informed Sid that Pallavi made this plan and desired to split them. Rhea says she is mendacity and can’t undergo her happiness and that’s why got here right here to interrupt it. She says she can be able to now no longer permit her be successful. Prachi says she’s telling the reality.

Sid comes there and says he can show this reality. He walks internal and says Rhea’s lie has spoiled his lifestyles too. He says whilst she became telling him the entirety, he had recorded the entirety in his mobile. He says her reality and lie is in his phone. Prachi asks what passed off, why her face shadeation went and says that is her actual face. She says her plans are strolling farfar from her, the goals which she have visible to marry Ranbir. She says it became her plan some thing passed off withinside the inn room. She says she droop low to split Ranbir and her and blamed her very own sister and ruined her character. She says Ranbir has agreed and asks in which did his believe pass. She says how can he assume that his Prachi can try this and says she’s now no longer like this and loves him a lot and handiest he’s in her coronary heart. She says he taught her love and she or he married him seeing his obsession. She says he got here in people’s talks and left her. She asks why he didn’t believe her and says Rhea separated them as she desired to marry him. She says she’s the equal who loves him and could love him always. Sid says he wishes huge display to show Rhea. Prachi says no Sid, that is the reality to show Rhea however Ranbir and her love will determine believe on her. She says she have evidence to show her love and asks him to mention if he wishes any proofs and asks if he don’t consider what her sister has executed together along with her. She says a person different is together along with her this time. She asks Ranbir to listen his coronary heart and asks it if it loves her even now. The Screen Freezes.

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