Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd December 2021 Written Update: Aditi asks for Gagan’s help

by Mansi
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At the start of the episode, Smar is gambling the guitar. Simar comes there on the identical time. Simar tells Samar that their partnership to sing the music turned into excellent however they can not get married. She desires to recognize why he stated sure to the marriage. Samar says that they requested him a query to which he replied honestly. But the following selection might be her. He says that this time the selection of marriage must be her only. This time there might be no strain on her.

Simar says that she isn’t always equipped to get married. She provides that she does now no longer apprehend why all that is happening. Then Samar receives a name from someone. He tells Simar that there was a affirmation name for the recording of the music. Simar refuses to sing the music. Samar asks her that she must maintain her private subjects break away expert subjects.

Later Simar receives equipped to sing the music. Here Vivaan and Aarav’s sister needs them a glad Bhai Dooj. Geetanjali sees Aarav’s circumstance and asks him why he isn’t always equipped for the pageant yet. She asks him to get equipped. Here Indu and Avinash need Simar and her brother to be glad always. While Simar’s brother needs to speak to her approximately some thing however she does now no longer need to concentrate to him.

Gagan says that what he did to Aditi turned into wrong. He can apprehend how a great deal Aditi have to have suffered. Simar asks him how he got here to recognize approximately this all of a sudden. He replies that due to the fact now he’s seeing her additionally going via the identical pain. He apologizes to her. Tears properly up in Simar’s eyes. She hugs him. Gagan guarantees her that he’s going to now no longer permit her heartbreak.

Simar says that however she does now no longer apprehend what she needs. She has no concept what she must do. Gagan notifies her that Aarav’s circumstance is likewise the identical. He provides that Aarav loves her very a great deal so she has to take a sensible selection. And he guarantees that he’s going to stand via way of means of her in her selection. There Aditi plays the rituals of Bhaiduj.

Geetanjali asks Aditi what she needs as a gift. Aditi says that she needs Simar to return back lower back to this house. Geetanjali receives shocked. She begins offevolved scolding Aditi in anger. Gajendra attempts to pacify Geetanjali. Aditi leaves from there. Aarav goes to head after her. Geetanjali stops him and tells him that he must scold Aditi for her mistake. He leaves from there.

Here Aditi sees Simar’s picturegraph and shall we out that she misses her lots and needs her to go back domestic soon. She in addition calls Gagan and says that she needs to speak to him approximately some thing. Aditi explains that she is involved for Simar and Aarav are involved and needs his assist. He receives equipped to assist her.

Here, Yamini asks Aarav to attain the studio in order that Simar receives courage. Meanwhile, Simar thinks that she can be able to now no longer get remedy till she talks to Aarav. Then she feels as though Aarav is round her. Yamini calls Simar and asks her to attain the studio. Simar says that she can’t sing. Yamini reminds her that she had promised that she might now no longer depart Sangeet beneathneath any circumstances. Simar is aware her point. She in addition seeks the benefits of her mother and father earlier than going to the studio. Here Geetanjali asks Reema that in which has the problem of Simar’s marriage reached. Reema guarantees that she can be able to deliver her properly information soon.

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