Pawna Lake Camping Guide

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Pawna lake also known as Pawna Dam is a reservoir turned into an artificial lake situated in Pune district. The reservoir is 25 km from Lonavala. It is a beautiful place where tourists are attracted to camping. Many resorts and camping businesses have started in due to the increase in the number of people visiting. 

   It is a place known for nature lakes and green hills all together.  It is a place with scenic views of water flowing and sun kissing the water in the lake. Camping includes DJ,games,live music,bonfire.Barbeque with born fire was really pleasant with cold weather .Tents were very comfortable and couple friendly.You can have an  awesome experience because of all fun things which you have dreamt  like camping, bonfire, fun games, barbeque in cold weather etc. 

Besides Pawna Lake there are a number of beautiful scenic places which surround the lake. One can build new experiences with different views. 

     The Lohagad Fort 

              It is one of the hill forts of Maharashtra.  It portrays the exclusive combination of ancient architecture and scenic surroundings. It has a long history with different dynasties occupying it in different time periods. Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj used it as a treasury where loot from Surat was kept. Later in Peshwa time it was used for living for a short period. He built some necessary structures inside the Fort. This Fort also has a south side facing caves known as Lohagadwadi. 

          It can be accessed by various means of transport. Trekkers can walk through Bhaja Caves to Lohagad Fort. It is a simple, very easy and scenic, pleasant trek and the walk is just 2 hours. It is best to visit these places in the monsoon. The food combination of onion fritters and lemonade makes a good combination of light food. It makes our hunger disappear but not too full. One must surely try these. 

 A huge variety of insects and birds can be seen while walking on the path. 

  The Tung Fort 

      It is surrounded by water on three sides. The journey starts from base village Tungi. It is also known as Kathingad. It gives the experience of difficulties and challenges for reaching the Fort. The path is narrow  throughout the edge of the mountains. The Fort is cone- shaped and is steep to climb. From the top of the Fort other forts such as Lohagad, Visapur and Tikona are clearly visible. For going down the reservoir inside the Fort we have to walk down those rocky staircases to several feet. 

Tikona Fort 

Tikona Fort means “triangular” which describes the shape of the Fort which is pyramidal. It is situated near Kamshet.The Fort is known widely for its large doors, a temple of Trimbakeshwar Mahadev and Satvahan Caves. 

The bedse caves can also be visited and enjoyed the same day as it is on the way to Tikona Fort. 

 Visapur Fort 

It is a hill Fort which is part of the Lohagad situated in Visapur village. It is 1084 meters above sea level and is built on the same plateau as Lohagad. Visapur Fort is totally different from the Lohagad Fort yet these two are linked due to their past history during British India. 

                  Inside the fort are caves, cisterns of water, a decorated arch and old houses. These two roofless buildings are surrounded by outer veranda walls which look like Government offices. The ruins of a large stone-built house are known as the Peshwa’s palace. There are several other small temples of Hanuman which are scattered all over the Fort other than the large carving of Lord Hanuman. 

Karla Buddha Caves

      It is one of the oldest Buddhist Shrine caves in India. It is located near Malavli railway station of Pune Maharashtra . The main cave attraction is the stupa with wooden rafters on its ceiling. Ekvira Temple is at the entrance of one of the caves. The steps taking inside the caves are lined with shops on either side. There are lots of visitors to the temple situated here.

Karla Caves also has the temple of Goddess Durga. 

 A trip to Karla Caves is a journey into the beautiful and different ancient world of caves, with amazing sculptures and Buddhist history.

There are stores to stop to fulfil hunger and thirst  on the way and also many stores with religious symbols and pieces which can be taken back as memorandum . The caves are beautiful and stunning. The temple is completely carved from the side of a hill. 

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