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Sandhan Valley Trek Must visit destination

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Basic Details 

Location: Samrad village in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra

Altitude: 4255 ft

Total Distance of trek: 12 km

Difficulty Grade: Difficult to Challenging


In the majestic Sahyadri mountain range, which is part of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, the Sandhan valley is a stunning carved valley. As the sunlight does not hit the floor of the valley, this valley is often called the valley of shadows. 

This trek is renowned for its unexplored appearance, fantastic photo shots and a trail off the beaten track.The valley is stunning yet rocky, and the place’s gritty beauty makes it a perfect trekking location. In big numbers, adventure hunters gaggle to the Sandhan Valley 

The forts like Alang, Madan, and Kulang, are situated in the Sandhan Valley. Together, the three forts are called AMK forts.

This destination is not about hiking, but it is a complete package of various adventurous activities like rappelling, rock climbing, enjoying bonfires, and camping under the starry sky. It is one of the most fascinating physical characteristics found in India and is known to be one of the most dangerous and difficult routes for trekking.

Best time to visit Sandhan Valley trek

When you intend on this trek, there are no restrictions and you can go for visiting this spot at any time of year . However, in the summers, it is preferable if you do not do it. You will not be able to enjoy the trek very much because of the temperatures as they soar. By enduring the sun, the majority of your energy will be consumed. In winter, autumn or even the monsoons, it is advisable to schedule the trek. 

Why to visit the Sandhan Valley trek

One of the greatest prospects here is getting to see the clear blue sky, and then the bright stars, if you’re lucky enough. The camping areas are Marvellous  . An opening is created by a wall 15 feet wide and 200 feet high, from where you get the panoramic view of the sky.The steam flows into a large pond from where the trek begins. For drinking purposes, the stream offers clean water. 

For an unforgettable experience, the special features of the trip bring in people from all across the country. This little run with nature is always an awesome experience, considering our packed schedule in our bustling city. In this trek you not only enjoy camping but also get to enjoy other adventurous activities like canyoning, trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, sliding, descending, wading through water, which adds more thrill to your experience.

Places To Stay 

You can camp in the canyon overnight. This will provide you with the highest return of camping ever. It must be noted that there are no hotels or lodges close by in their area. 

In and around Samrad, you can reside in a multitude of homestays that are not lavish but are comfortable enough. You can go to a hotel in Bhandardara if camping is not something you want to do.

Best nearby places to visit 

For an extra dose of excitement and fun, here are some sights and tourist hotspots you can explore along the way.

AMK Forts

Make sure you traverse upward to the ancient Alang, Madan, and Kulang forts. But if you are too exhausted after the main trek, please ensure that you get some rest before heading out the next day for the second trek to these forts. The trek to these forts is also challenging, so you’ll need your stamina to pursue the trek.

Ratangad Fort

This is yet another fort that is hard to ignore. It’s a steep climb while going to this fort, but it’s not a very challenging experience, so you can do it on the same day as the AMK forts. While it’s not as large as the AMK forts, it’s an excellent location to get an insight into this valley’s history and see some ancient architecture that is a testament to the talents of the ancient craftsmen.

Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls

This waterfall is just a few miles away from the base camp, so make sure you go to Ratanwadi to see it. Having a picnic by this wonderfully swirling waterfall and taking a dip in the pool that gathers at the base of it, would be a relaxing experience. Don’t forget to click a lot of photos at all times.

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