Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2021 Written Update Wow twist

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Kumkum Bhagya sixth December 2021 Written Update Wow twist Prachi splashes the water on Rhea’s footprints. Pallavi yells at her and asks her how dare she disturb the rituals of Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage. Prachi asks her to suppose if the rituals achieved with the aid of using a incorrect individual will convey happiness or chaos withinside the family. She calls Rhea a incorrect individual to go into their family. She breaks Ranbir’s garland and shocks him. Rhea stops her and asks what’s she doing. Prachi shouts that its now no longer a legitimate marriage. She tears away Rhea’s garlands as well. Rhea increases hand on Prachi, who stops her and warns her to simply live as a sister and now no longer dare to turn out to be her Sautan/the opposite female in her husband’s life.

She offers a befitting respond to Rhea and indicates her wherein she stands in Ranbir’s life. She loses her temper. She angrily slaps Rhea in the front of Ranbir and Pallavi. She asks Rhea to recognize that she isn’t going to tolerate some thing now. She receives her luggage in the residence. She rebukes Rhea and calls the wedding a fraud. Rhea insults Prachi and asks Pallavi to throw her out. She accuses Prachi for snatching her husband Siddharth. She reminds Prachi how she turned into stuck with Siddharth. She asks why did she come to say Ranbir now.

Prachi tells that she isn’t incorrect and he or she will now no longer receive any nonsense. Rhea loses Ranbir even after marrying him, whilst Prachi calls it invalid. Rhea is going mad in anger. She asks Ranbir to guard her. Prachi tells that she didn’t divorce Ranbir, he’s nevertheless her husband, Rhea won’t determine approximately their relation, due to the fact Rhea doesn’t recognize the which means of a marital relation. She lectures Rhea. Pallavi and Ranbir are speechless, once they see Prachi’s bold aspect for the primary time. Prachi goes in opposition to Rhea to shop her very own marriage. Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya sixth December 2021 Full Written Update Wow twist:

Prachi asks Ranbir to make his ego away and consider her once. She desires him to take one step in advance to keep her hand. She tells that she used to overlook him continually, she has come now, he ought to come in advance and hug her, it’s going to display that he trusts her. She pleads him to keep her hand and stop their distance. Prachi cries with hopes. Rhea calls it sufficient and asks Prachi to get lost.

Prachi warns her to close up and now no longer dare to split them. She tells that Rhea can’t separate them, due to the fact she has motives to unite with Ranbir. Pallavi asks Prachi to forestall her drama and simply cross away. She tells that Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage is decided, and it’s going to take place. Prachi doesn’t concentrate to Pallavi’s orders. She tells that she can be able to speak to Ranbir. She is prepared to obey his decision. She asks Ranbir to keep his coronary heart and ask if he nevertheless misses her. She tells that she loves him, she doesn’t want to reveal the proof to show her love. Rhea throws Prachi out of the residence.

Ranbir yells at Rhea and asks her to depart Prachi’s hand. Rhea and Pallavi didn’t count on Ranbir to soften down his coronary heart. Ranbir asks Prachi why did she come so overdue whilst she is aware of that he loves her. He confesses that he loves her and he ignored her each day, he’s simply useless with out her. He tells Prachi that he loves her. Prachi runs to hug Ranbir. They have a second of union. Siddharth and Dida get satisfied for Ranbir and Prachi’s union. Rhea watches them in shock.

Rhea screams no. Her creativeness involves an stop. Pallavi and Ranbir ask her what’s the matter. They locate Rhea tensed. Pallavi asks Rhea to finish the closing round. Rhea realizes that she turned into simply daydreaming, Prachi didn’t arrive to forestall the wedding. She receives relieved that she finished the wedding rounds. She thinks her mislead Siddharth could make Prachi agree with that Pallavi additionally desired Prachi out of the residence. Ranbir takes the Kumkum to fill in Rhea’s hairline. Prachi runs to the dinner party hall.

She enquires approximately Ranbir Kohli’s marriage. Ranbir imagines Prachi in Rhea. His bizarre hallucinations make him fortunately satisfy the wedding rituals. Prachi reaches there and reveals Ranbir fortunately marrying Rhea. She desires to forestall him. She runs a lot to attain him, that she in the long run faints down with out making any noise. Ranbir places the mangalsutra in Rhea’s neck. Prachi later profits awareness and reveals herself mendacity withinside the dinner party hall. She learns that the wedding is finished, the groom, the bride and all of the visitors left. She asks the team of workers approximately Ranbir. She can’t agree with that Ranbir married Rhea.

She tells that she can be able to now no longer permit Ranbir smash her coronary heart. She vents out her frustration over the guarantees damaged with the aid of using Ranbir. She receives exasperated over her life’s situation. She turned into looking ahead to Ranbir to go back to her, however feels he has long gone too some distance from her. She thinks his annoyance turned into only a drama, he needed to simply marry Rhea, he defamed her and cheated her. She pledges to take revenge on the man she cherished the most. She feels her sister didn’t cost her agree with and cheated her. She desires to go back the identical ache to Ranbir and Rhea. She tells that she can be able to provide a solution to each of them for his or her betrayal.

She doesn’t need to cry or plead now. She profits strength. She desires her rights back. She isn’t alone, however includes a toddler in her womb now. She can’t allow them to play together along with her toddler’s life. She tells that she can be able to now no longer allow them to prosper, once they destroyed her life. She is going to Kohli residence to reply Ranbir and Rhea for his or her evil deeds. Pallavi and Vikram welcome Ranbir and Rhea home. Vikram tells Dida that he didn’t see Pallavi so satisfied before. Prachi reaches there. Pallavi welcomes Rhea into the residence. Rhea enjoys her Grahpravesh. She continually desired to turn out to be Ranbir’s spouse. Her dream receives fulfilled.

Ranbir misses Prachi and remains upset. Pallavi blesses Ranbir and Rhea. Prachi arrives there. She tells Pallavi that she can’t bless them, due to the fact they didn’t get married. Prachi tells that Ranbir is paired up together along with her, she is Ranbir’s spouse and could continually be. The Kohlis are stunned to peer Prachi on the door. Prachi asks Pallavi now no longer to hyperlink Ranbir with Rhea. Ranbir thinks if he’s imagining or Prachi has honestly come back. Prachi boldly enters the residence and choices a water jug to splash over Rhea’s footprints. Rhea breaks her silence. Prachi asks her to react in anger, given that her evil plan has flopped. Keep reading.

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