Answer some random questions and we will tell you whether you are a fan of BTS’ J-Hope or Hobi

by Mansi
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We simply need to country it loud and proud that we surely love our everlasting sunshine boy ‘J-Hope’ in each avatar of his! It isn’t anyt any mystery that BTS’ duality is nearly stunning thinking about how they could seem like absolute greek gods ascended from heavenly skies while acting on degree to adorable, dorky boys of their 20s of their unfastened time. It is mind-boggling in all honesty!

Jung Hoseok, BTS and ARMY’s Eternal Sunshine, Happy Vitamin Pill, Dance Guru, Rapper par excellence, Underrated vocalist and tremendous Hyung to the maknae line and Mickey is also, ARMY’s liked Hobi! Hobi tailored his legitimate degree call to J-Hope due to the fact he cherished the concept of spreading desire and positivity withinside the global and of course, we like his signature style ‘I’m your Hope, you are my Hope, I’m J-Hope!’

However, there’s one aspect of J-Hope each fan loves a touch more, right? Well, to reply this burning question, you want to reply some random questions and we are able to monitor whether or not you adore BTS’ J-Hope or Hobi! Sounds clean and fun? Well, take the quiz now!

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