Barrister Babu 11th November 2021 Written Update Finale

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Barrister Babu eleventh November 2021 Written Update Finale Bondita guarantees Trilochan that she can be able to now no longer go away the residence for the purpose that the infant belongs to Roy Choudhary family. She tells that she desires to deliver the infant to the residence, and live with all of them her life. Trilochan melts down his anger on listening to this. She tells him that he might imagine that Anirudh is dead, however its her religion that her husband is alive. She tells that her life is the evidence of Anirudh’s life. She tells him that she can be able to discover Anirudh and convey him domestic. She asks Trilochan now no longer to forestall her and allow her pass, else he won’t be capable of solution Anirudh whilst the latter returns.

Trilochan additionally needs that her religion is true. He apologizes to her that he were given so blind in his hatred that he misplaced religion on her earlier than. He additionally needs her happiness. He blesses her to be happy. He asks her to live with them. He pleads her, along side Sampoorna, however Bondita clarifies that she has to visit discover Anirudh. She seeks their permission to go away, due to the fact she will be able to’t live again withinside the residence and tolerate Batuk’s hatred. She tells that she is afraid that Batuk can also additionally damage her, she desires to go away for the infant’s safety.

Trilochan is of the same opinion to her that Batuk has became a satan due to his hatred, Batuk isn’t respecting any relation. He asks Bondita to live at his friend’s residence, wherein she can be taken care of, and additionally she will be able to discover Anirudh. He blesses Bondita and sends her off. Anirudh continues to be looking to recover. He recollects that his residence is in Tulsipur. The antique guy is satisfied that he remembered some thing after an extended time. He comes to a decision to take Anirudh to Tulsipur and unite him together along with his family. Anirudh receives excited to move domestic and meet Bondita.

Bondita receives into exertions earlier than leaving the haveli. Trilochan and Sampoorna rush to assist her. They determine to take her to the sanatorium. Batuk reaches them and blocks their manner, to inform them that he can be accompanying them to the sanatorium to welcome his nephew. Trilochan warns him towards doing something towards Bondita and the approaching infant. Batuk assures that he loves Anirudh’s infant a lot. He hates Bondita, however accompanies her for the sake of the infant. Trilochan asks Batuk to overlook his hatred and allow Bondita live of their residence. Batuk acts candy in the front of Trilochan. He tells that he has not anything to mention on this regard.

He permits Bondita to live with them. Trilochan is satisfied that Batuk is making a brand new start. Batuk hints Trilochan and Sampoorna and sends them domestic. They go away in an urgency whilst a person informs approximately the haveli burning. Bondita is in exertions, whilst Batuk plans to throw her out of the residence after snatching her infant. He awaits his nephew’s birth. Doctor informs him approximately Bondita’s important condition. He tells that they could both shop Bondita or her infant. Batuk can’t say it that he cares the least for Bondita. He desires to put off her. He asks the health practitioner to shop the infant on the value of the mother’s life.

Anirudh recollects his deal with and appears ahead to fulfill Bondita. He makes prayers for Bondita, which truly paintings for her. He is thankful that he recovered. He desires to pass again domestic to fulfill Bondita. He can’t consider Bondita’s sorrow in his absence. Bondita provides her dual infants, a infant boy and a infant girl. Batuk awaits his nephew. Doctor calls it a miracle that Bondita is likewise exceptional along side her twins. Batuk receives the information of the twins. He is going mad happily. He takes the infants with him, and tells that Bondita will in no way see her infants. Bondita profits consciousness. She panics whilst she doesn’t see her infants.

She learns that Batuk has taken her infants. Nurse stops her from leaving in a vulnerable condition. She tells the nurse that she isn’t vulnerable, she will be able to take the Durga avatar for the sake of her infants. Bondita is going domestic, most effective to get a blocked access with the aid of using Batuk. She hears Batuk shouting at the family. Batuk locks up the complete family, who pleads him now no longer to split the infants from Bondita. Batuk tells Trilochan that he desired to maintain the infants at domestic with them, however Trilochan cheated him with the aid of using converting his side. He comes to a decision to take the infants with him to Italy and lift them. He believes Bondita is Anirudh’s assassin and hates her. Bondita desires to forestall Batuk. At the identical time, Anirudh reaches Tulsipur. He crosses his manner to attain domestic and wonder Bondita. Anirudh and Bondita’s awaited meet can be next.

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