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Kumkum Bhagya, 5th November 2021, Written Update: Mahesh and Gaurav plan to kill Abhi

by Mansi
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MUMBAI: The Episode begins offevolved with Tanu asking Aaliya to inform what all she deliberate in opposition to Pragya. She says the molestation case which Gaurav filed on you, become Aaliya’s concept. She says Aaliya is with Tanu, and the cash concept become of her simplest. She says she desired to smash you with Gaurav, first molestation case after which she stole your citation and gave to Gaurav. Aaliya says yes, I did. I desired to smash Pragya, however I am now no longer answerable for anything came about with Bhai. She says Bhai is answerable for anything came about with him. Gaurav desired to take revenge as Bhai had overwhelmed him. She asks Pragya to invite Tanu, why she advocated Gaurav to kill Abhi. Tanu says I didn’t encourage. Pragya asks Aaliya to inform wherein did Abhi visit meet Gaurav? Aaliya says crimson quarter vibrant lodge. Pragya slaps Tanu tough on her face and says I had stopped myself due to the fact many days, so did it today. She leaves.

Abhi involves the lodge and asks receptionist for Gaurav Thapar. Receptionist calls Gaurav. Abhi takes the decision and says I am coming. Gaurav tells receptionist to allow him come. Pragya sits withinside the vehicle hurriedly and thinks of Aaliya’s phrases. Abhi walks internal taking into consideration Aaliya’s phrases that she made Pragya recognize to offer her the entirety to Gaurav. Pragya calls Abhi and asks why didn’t you attain home. She says you didn’t inform me which you went to Gaurav. Abhi says you named all of the belongings on Gaurav’s call simply to shop me. Pragya says you’re my universe, and tells that she will be able to provide some thing for him. Abhi says he desires to punish him, as he desired to deliver you on the street. Pragya says you may now no longer do some thing. Abhi says I will settle all rankings with Gaurav. Pragya says don’t move there, he has deliberate to kill you. Abhi says he had deliberate this from the start. Pragya says not anything is ruined, my belongings and enterprise is with us, anything I actually have earned isn’t lost. Sushma aunty has treated the entirety. He asks her to look ahead to him. Pragya says my promise. He ends the decision with out listening to approximately the promise. Pragya prays to God to defend him. Gaurav makes use of chloroform withinside the handkerchief, whilst goons come there. Gaurav says simplest you each got here. The goon says that is lodge, the entirety is recorded withinside the CCTV. He says we need to first make sure. Gaurav says he has deliberate the entirety wherein to kill him. The goon says you will be ganster. Gaurav says there will be no damage on his body, and tells that he needs his loss of life as an accident. He says humans shall think, why he got here here, and why he went that side. Pragya is stopped and the police officer tells that the street is blocked because of paintings in progress. He asks her to undergo ring road. Pragya runs. Abhi asks approximately room no. 505. Pragya attempts to dispose of the barricade and tells that she is making an attempt to shop her husband. Constable eliminates the barricades and says you’re together along with your husband, Delhi Police is with you. Pragya drives off.

Abhi continues to be taking walks and springs to room no. 505. Gaurav asks the goons to cover and says he’s going to signal them. Gaurav opens the door. Abhi comes internal and says you need to kill me. Gaurav says I become irritated and that’s why informed that I will kill him. Abhi asks him to make an apology to Pragya. Gaurav says I actually have despatched you to prison and says I bribed Subhash in order that he breaks the wall, and six humans died. Abhi receives irritated. Gaurav says terrible humans are born to die and I don’t repent for some thing, and I will now no longer make an apology to anyone. Abhi grabs his collar and says you’ve got got blackmailed her, stricken and cheated her. He says you shall apologized to her. Abhi hits Gaurav. Gaurav asks his goons to shop him. The goons come there keeping chloroform. Abhi fights with the goons and lead them to scent chloroform. The goons fall subconscious. Gaurav receives tensed and says pay attention to me. Abhi holds Gaurav and beats him.

He maintains to overcome Gaurav and ties his hands. He says you shall make an apology to Pragya, and to the own circle of relatives of humans whom you’ve got got killed and to the law. He says I don’t need to kill you and visit prison. Pragya involves the reception and asks wherein is Gaurav Thapar. Receptionist says room no 505 and tells that a person had long past to fulfill Abhi. Abhi tells Gaurav that he has recorded the entirety, anything he stated and says this recording is sufficient to ship you to prison. Just then Gaurav’s father comes there and breaks glass bottle on Abhi’s head. Abhi holds his head. Abhi says I don’t improve hand on elders, and says I need to slap you for giving start to such children. Gaurav receives up and takes chloroform handkerchief. Abhi is lecturing her father, whilst Gaurav makes Abhi scent chloroform. Abhi faints. Mahesh tells Gaurav that he shall tell him, anyplace he goes. He says he desired to ship me to prison, I actually have deliberate to ship him up. They put on caps and make Abhi take a seat down at the wheelchair whilst he’s blanketed with shawl. Pragya is coming there. Gaurav seems at Pragya. Pragya doesn’t study Gaurav and his father. She is taking walks from there, however doesn’t see Abhi. She senses his presence and turns back. She involves the room no. 505. Someone opens the room. Pragya simply discover the subconscious goons.

Gaurav tells Mahesh that he has ruined his plan. Mahesh says once I got here there, you become tied and lied upside down. Gaurav says I become now no longer protecting him as I don’t need any scratches on his body. Mahesh says he had stated that he has recorded your confession and tells that they shall get his telecellsmartphone, it fell at the floor. Pragya reveals Abhi’s telecellsmartphone and thinks wherein is he? if he’s fine, then he might have his telecellsmartphone with him. She receives worried.

Precap: Gaurav brings subconscious Abhi to a few room and says he isn’t going to regain focus earlier than his loss of life. Now they have got equalized. Ranbir sees Prachi and Sid drowsing collectively via way of means of keeping their hands. He receives mad.

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