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‘Your Malayali accent is so sexy, say it again’: Steffy Sunny looks inwards to generate laughs

by Mansi
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Steffy Sunny’s motion pictures on Malayali moms are a large hit online. Meet the 23-year-vintage content material writer together along with her finger at the pulse of millennials.

Riled with the aid of using mom’s complaint over her reluctance to visit church, Steffy Sunny determined to vent her frustration creatively. Posing as a Malayali mom, the teenager shot a tongue-in-cheek video and shared it on Instagram in 2019. And that’s the way it commenced for the 23-year-vintage woman Delhi resident who’s now a a hit content material writer and has over 88,000 fans on Instagram.

With her hilarious and sharp motion pictures focussed on generational divide, Sunny captures the face-offs among millenials and their parents. Netizens discover her video pretty relatable as she depicts regular fact withinside the lifestyles of center class.

“I am a piece crushed with the reaction I am getting on Instagram. There is likewise little stress to paintings consistent with Instagram’s set of rules and to make sure that I do now no longer lose my target target market,” stated Sunny. “I actually have found out that my target target market are real and they’re helping me,” she added.

Malayalis specially discover her Malayali trainer video very relatable. Teachers’ feedback like ‘are you able to provide me a crimson pen of any ink?’, ‘college students open the window, permit the solar come in’, ‘no one forgot to take their lunch’ were mined for laughs with the aid of using Sunny. Usual feedback of moms such as ‘you may visit Goa, put on shorts, do all of it once you have married on the age of 25,’ meanwhile, may be applicable to all children regardless of wherein they arrive from.

While her Instagram account is loaded with motion pictures that take a jibe at Malayali moms and their behaviour, Sunny says her mom has taken them in her stride and could be very supportive. The teenager became willing closer to appearing first of all however as she juggled research and career, she in no way observed sufficient time and area to mold her talent.” I get thoughts randomly. Mostly, the ones are stimulated from regular conversations with own circle of relatives participants or relatives. My pal Adarsh Nair additionally enables me once I face innovative block.”

She speaks of her motion pictures that catapulted her to popularity. “Earlier, I had most effective 900 fans, however matters modified after my motion pictures on Malayali accessory and mom scolding me for calling my boyfriend won 1 million perspectives.”

However, she has additionally fielded claims of being racist in her motion pictures. Sunny’s video ‘Oh my God, your Malayali accessory is so sexy’ garnered her over 1 million perspectives however additionally invited a few censure. “It is their point of view and ideology. My video became for amusing and I made it clear,” she says. In the video, Sunny may be heard imitating how Malayalis say some English words.

Sunny has been making the motion pictures along side her day task. “I like to do it, it’s amusing. Most of the days, I discover hours after paintings to ideate, shoot, edit and add motion pictures,” stated Sunny. ” I am usually inclined to take in appearing possibilities and I will hold my task for my economic independence,” she added.

Steffy Sunny is presently running withinside the administrative segment of a faculty in Delhi. Hailing from Kottayam district of Kerala, she became introduced up in Delhi.

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