FAU-G Review: Good graphics let down by boring gameplay

by Mansi
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FAU-G is one in all India’s maximum overvalued games, and for true reason. The Made-in-India recreation is an movement name that revolves round real-existence activities that occurred on Indian borders. It capabilities an in-recreation save wherein you may purchase products and make contributions to the Indian Army. It’s even were given its personal anthem.

When FAU-G released on January 26, India’s 72nd Republic Day, we determined to present the name a shot and performed it for pretty a few time. Here’s our assessment of FAU-G in detail.


Unlike famous belief, FAU-G is as of now, a close-fight recreation. Most of the movement is fist punches and kicks and hand made guns that get their personal names like ‘Lalkaar’, or ‘Tandav’. This straight away units it other than PUBG and different movement titles, that have a bigger emphasis on shooting.

We will awareness at the single-participant marketing campaign mode, that is the best mode this is to be had to play. Battle Royale and Team Death healthy modes are but to be delivered to the sport.

FAU-G capabilities a as a substitute easy linear narrative wherein you observe a route from checkpoint to checkpoint and address enemies who get withinside the way. Gameplay is restrained to simply 3 factors for now – movement, strike and defend. There isn’t anyt any jumping, no guns you may throw. This regularly left us with a sense that the sport is getting repetitive because it progresses. Once the handheld guns are introduced, there may be not anything new to attempt out.

Certain checkpoints function bonfires wherein you may take a seat down for some seconds and regenerate misplaced fitness. However, because the checkpoints are linear, it’s also feasible to tour to an in advance bonfire checkpoint to resume fitness. This workaround helps you to development into each new checkpoint with a complete fitness bar, regardless of whether or not the ultimate checkpoint had a bonfire or not.

One assignment offered in next tiers is handling more than one enemies, who after the primary few missions will every so often start attacking collectively as opposed to awaiting their chance. Progressing is pretty clean in case you put in force easy techniques like going for the enemy wearing a weapon first, after which the usage of that weapon to take out others.

The best different assignment is a timer at the pinnacle proper which you should hold an eye fixed on. Missions will routinely fail and resume from the ultimate checkpoint in case you fail to fulfill the time requirements.

Combat and guns

The 3-button fight machine in FAU-G has a whole lot of room for improvement, in particular on the subject of handheld guns. Weapons which you accumulate after beating such enemies will even ultimate for only some moves earlier than they vanish.

While that is challenging, what became very irritating is that guns have best multiple moves left in them and can’t get replaced with new guns although they’re proper in the front of you. Instead, gamers will should search for extra enemies, expend the final moves of that weapon, after which come lower back to choose up the replenished weapon. This became additionally time-consuming.

Picking up guns is as clean as taking walks over them, much like many different games. However, selecting up guns or switching from guns to fist and vice versa at the same time as in fight became in our enjoy, subsequent to impossible. In addition, switching among enemies you’re putting at the same time as in fight the usage of the analogue manipulate at the left could be very hard, because the participant regularly appears to punch and strike best the ones nearest to him, regardless of what path you need to ship him in.

Enemies which can be approximately to assault you get a purple glow a 2nd earlier than they strike, and you may strike them first to nullify their initiative. This makes the ‘defend’ button vain in maximum cases. The addition of a counter-attacking mechanism wherein customers can block an incoming assault, and transition that right into a counter-attacking mixture might had been exquisite right here.

There is likewise a clean loss of version right here. Hours into the sport, you’ll discover your self preventing precisely comparable styles of warring parties in a comparable territory the usage of the identical techniques and fight styles. There isn’t plenty to do via the sport except converting participant and weapon skins.

Plot, Narration and Graphics

As gamers development via the sport, they’ll see cutscenes that experience very surprising and random at times. The lively cutscenes, regularly long, may be skipped, however. Even while there aren’t anyt any cutscenes, gamers will pay attention their avatar say motivational costs like “Apne bhaiyo ko bachana mera farz hai,” which can be first-rate withinside the starting however start to experience useless quickly after.

The photos of the sport are, however, spectacular for a name this is much less than 1/2 of a gigabyte in down load size. We attempted the sport withinside the maximum feasible photograph settings to be had on Android, on a OnePlus Nord, and have been thrilled to look higher information and continually easy performance. Unlike the gameplay, the photos truely make you experience like you’re gambling a easy and polished name.

In-recreation save

FAU-G additionally offers an in-recreation save. Fans can buy unique products right here in addition to in-recreation coins, which in addition permit you to shop for participant skins and weapon skins. The recreation helps you to recognise that 20% of what you spend right here is going to the Bharat ke Veer foundation. Alternatively, you may additionally watch commercials to get extra coins.

While that is a pleasing implementation to have, the skins you should purchase for now are very limited. We have to quickly see extra factors in the shop as extra gameplay modes are made to be had.


The FAU-G enjoy for us has been a combined bag. Great at photos and fluidity, the sport is allow down via way of means of its terrible fight implementation and uninspiring, unchanging gameplay style. Throughout our enjoy, the sport regularly felt incomplete, repetitive and clearly put, boring.

While we wouldn’t precisely name the sport 1/2 of-baked, we might strongly say that FAU-G desires extra awareness and varnish on real fight, earlier than it could be fun for humans past the primary half-hour or so.

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