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Udaariyaan 10th December 2021 Written Update Enraged Tejo

by Mansi
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Udaariyaan tenth December 2021 Written Update Enraged Tejo Fateh fights with the robbers on the petrol bunk. Its a near name for Fateh while he receives stored from the bullet fired at him. At the alternative facet, Jasmin proceeds closer to her revenge plan execution. She desires to wreck Fateh and Tejo completely, and make their lives hell. She tells that its the primary day of her revenge project tomorrow. She receives absolutely organized together along with her plan. Tejo learns a massive fact that Riya isn’t Angad’s daughter. She receives too upset with Angad that he had concealed this fact from her, through calling himself a very good buddy of her.

She tells him that he doesn’t has to mention some thing to her, so she won’t ask him some thing, their relation isn’t so sturdy and near that she asks him approximately his beyond. She tells that she has no purpose left to live with him in his residence. She packs her baggage and leaves Angad’s residence, even as he tries to prevent her as soon as and give an explanation for his facet of story. On the alternative hand, Jasmin reveals a person interested by her. She makes a decision to dupe the person for cash and makes a plan. Jasmin receives greater foxy than earlier than. What is she upto? Will Fateh discover a manner out of his miseries? Will Angad be capable of prevent Tejo from leaving? Keep reading.

Earlier withinside the display, Riya tells that Angad isn’t her dad. She seems for her dad, and leaves Tejo taken aback. Tejo fails to apprehend what Riya is saying. Angad turned into afraid for the fact to return back out. On the alternative hand, Inspector wakes up Fateh and asks him now no longer to sleep at the roadside bench. He asks Fateh to depart. Fateh reaches the petrol bunk and reveals a theft crime going on. He intervenes to prevent the robbers. He bravely fights the robbers, who threaten the employees on the bunk. One of the robber shoots at Fateh.

Udaariyaan tenth December 2021 Written Update Enraged Tejo:

Fateh receives stored from the robbers’ attack. Police is available in time and arrests the robbers. The petrol bunk employees reward Fateh for saving their lives and additionally their cash from getting robbed. They inform the Inspector that Fateh has bravely fought the robbers and stored them. They thank Fateh for the well timed assist. Fateh is satisfied that he ought to assist them. On the alternative hand, Tejo is taken aback to analyze that Riya isn’t Angad’s daughter. Riya seems for her dad and is a great deal disappointed that Tejo lied to her that she has referred to as her dad home. She asks Tejo why did she faux a promise to her while her dad isn’t coming.

Angad tells Tejo that Riya isn’t his daughter. He asks Tejo how did she consider this type of thing. Riya doesn’t pay attention to Angad as well. She behaves rudely with him. He tells her that the fact is her dad will in no way come returned. He handles Riya, who angrily shoves him away. Tejo attempts tough to speak to Riya, however in vain. She asks Angad why did he now no longer inform this fact to her earlier than. He tells her that he isn’t married that he may have a child. He provides that he has accomplished a faux engagement with Tejo however with honesty, if he had a beyond then he could have instructed Tejo approximately it earlier than having the faux relationship.

She tells that she assumed Angad to have an problem together along with his spouse and that’s why Riya is with him. He tells that its not anything such. He asks her now no longer to get worried in his existence’s troubles. She tells that she isn’t fascinated to recognise some thing now while he didn’t inform her earlier than. Angad reveals her disappointed. He doesn’t need to inform her some thing and hassle her, understanding she is already going via a hard segment in her existence. Meanwhile, Fateh receives fortunate while the petrol bunk employee fortuitously gives assist to him. The guy tells him that he would like to assist someone who got here as an angel and stored their lives. Fateh seeks assist through inquiring for a residence and a job. The guy tells him that he can without difficulty set up that for him.

He reveals Fateh a dependable guy. Fateh regrets that he couldn’t supply the affection and consider to Tejo which she deserved, however is relieved that Angad is in her existence now, Angad could be giving her the affection and recognize she deserves. He needs Tejo to live satisfied with Angad. Fateh needs the best for her, even as Tejo is sad with Angad’s bizarre behavior. She needs Angad to proportion the troubles together along with her if he considers her a buddy. Angad attempts to persuade Tejo and cease her annoyance.

Tejo receives too indignant on Angad that he didn’t inform her his beyond. Angad asks her what’s his mistake that the false impression happened. She tells that he in no way shared approximately Riya, and that’s his mistake. He attempts explaining her that he didn’t suggest to do some thing such. She tells that she doesn’t consider him now. She tells that she believed him lots earlier than so she had deliberate the faux engagement with him, or even her own circle of relatives believes him in order that they have despatched her with him, however now there may be no consider among them. She tells that she can be able to now no longer live with him now. Angad receives disappointed while she tells that its final. He asks her now no longer to head at night. She tells that she could be leaving withinside the morning. She makes him leave.

Jasmin plans to execute her revenge plan through trapping a person for cash. Fateh needs Tejo remains satisfied and prays for her. He tells that he’s going to begin his new existence from now. Tejo additionally desires to make a brand new existence and move farfar from each cheat. She tells that she desires to live in peace, someplace in which nobody will cheat her. She thinks even Angad lied to her. She makes a decision to depart withinside the morning. Fateh simply needs the best for Tejo, from all his heart. Jasmin is likewise excited to make a brand new circulate closer to her revenge plans. She attempts all of the unfair manner through fooling human beings only for cash, to step in advance in her plans.

Meanwhile, Tejo leaves from Angad’s residence withinside the morning. Angad doesn’t allow her move and will become a vehicle driving force for her, simply to express regret and persuade her. Tejo realizes his cover and receives down the vehicle. She nonetheless blames him for now no longer telling her the secrets and techniques of his existence. He asks her to live returned for Riya’s sake. He guarantees to repair the whole thing. He asks her to at the least suppose that he has valued their faux engagement so sincerely. Tejo leaves in a huff with out paying attention to him.

He receives unhappy that he has harm her lots this time. Tejo comes returned to him for Riya’s sake. She tells that she can be able to recognize their faux engagement best if he doesn’t maintain any secrets and techniques. He guarantees to proportion the whole thing and persuade her over. Tejo and Angad have a moment, even as Fateh starts offevolved to paintings on the petrol bunk. Keep reading.

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