Stargirl Finale Recap: Who Showed Up for Season 2’s Final Fight? — Plus, [Spoiler] Is Coming for Season 3

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In the DC’s Stargirl Season 2 finale, it became all arms on deck (after which some!) because the JSA took on Eclipso. Once the dirt settled, who became toast? Who determined to go away/stay? And who’s at the way?

From go, matters had been searching shaky for the JSA and Pat as they marched down Main Street to tackle Eclipso, who became busy tormenting Beth at American Dream. Sure, Yolanda is again as Wildcat, and Cindy/Shiv is a temp recruit, however STRIPE remains withinside the save, Rick is not able to repair his hourglass, Jennie is ill and Thunderbolt remains on that Chinese meals run.

As a result, Eclipso is going to high school on the group after they display up at American Dream, pitting lots of them towards, well, themselves — Yolanda vs. “Ted Grant,” Cindy vs. “her more youthful self,” Pat vs. a dickish Pat — at the same time as Courtney fruitless chases after Eclipso with Cosmo blasts. Along the way, Eclipso boasts of his grand plan to merge the Shadowlands and Earth, then devour all of humanity right away and end up a god. Dr. McNider manages to remind anyone that who they’re preventing isn’t real, at which factor Courtney and Cindy tag-group Eclipso, most effective to get lobbed out a window onto the floor below.

Eclipso scrambled to the clock tower roof to bellow, “It’s my time! I am on the threshold of victory!” But what he’s sincerely at the verge of is getting his ass passed to him through STRIPE who zooms beyond and tackles the demon to the road below. (Thunderbolt confirmed up at the car save simply in time for Mike to “wish” a lacking engine element into appearing!) Zeke courses STRIPE’s pilot, Mike, thru a number of the robot’s new toys, consisting of a buzzsaw arm and flamethrower, at the same time as Jakeem responsibilities Thunderbolt with electrocuting Eclipso. But simply because the genie is doing so, Eclipso fends him off and hurls him into STRIPE, KO’ing the massive robot. Rick as Hourman then strolls down the road, and whilst Eclipso scoffs, “You don’t have any super-electricity towards me,” Rick counters that he does — “and it lasts greater than an hour.” On cue, Solomon Grundy barrels down a facet road and pummels Eclipso. Eclipso, though, receives again on his toes and blasts a hollow directly thru the creature’s belly, killing him withinside the spot, as Rick bellows a Skywalker-like, “Nooooo!”

While Barb and Jennie again on the residence acquire a special, unseen visitor, Pat attempts to manual Mike thru a reboot however is grabbed through Eclipso, who in the front of Court threatens to curve her dad’s palms off one through one. “Tell me the way you feel,” the demon goads Stargirl. “Say it!” Courtney shall we unfastened with an “I hate you!,” that is simply the window Eclipso had to make her embody the darkness and allow him inhabit her as his new host. As Cosmo turns red and 1/2 of of Court’s face does same, she growls, “I wield the energy of darkness and the energy of mild,” and now can merge the 2 worlds….

Stargirl Beth McNiderMeanwhile internal American Dream… Beth became left to observe her dad and mom die (or something), however The Shade confirmed as much as burn up the haunting hallucination. Beth and Chuck then ideal up, with the previous promising her perplexed dad and mom she’d provide an explanation for later. Outside, Cindy and Yolanda in brief debate killing Eclipso’s new host (meaning, Courtney!), however Yolanda convinces her frenemy to as a substitute consciousness on taking the team of workers away. Eclipso/Courtney laughs at their feeble try and swats them away, declaring, “Only one!” can manipulate the team of workers — to which an arriving Sylvester Pemberton aka Starman says, “Welllll, perhaps two.”

Starman courses possessed Stargirl into the sky, and as Eclipso attempts to persuade her that she became “undesirable through her father” and unloved, Pat at the floor urges his stepdaughter to be herself. As Court is crushed with glad memories, Stargirl and Starman manipulate to expunge Eclipso from his new host. Sylvester catches Courtney earlier than she falls to the floor, at the same time as Eclipso is pelted with hockey pucks and arrows, courtesy of the Crock clan (whom Cindy had referred to as into action).

The Shade nudges Stargirl and Green Lantern’s daughter to command the mild and in addition expend Eclipso. As a completing move, Jakeem needs that Eclipso became “toast,” so Thunderbolt… well, you know. he turns the demon right into a slice of charred bread, which anyone has the same opinion to hold in a secure place.

Stargirl RickAnd then, the epilogue. Sooooo a great deal epilogue!

*Rick is burying Grundy whilst The Shade suggests as much as proportion that the brute has a dependancy of coming again “in case you bury him withinside the proper place, on the proper time.” The Shade additionally stated that he isn’t always leaving Blue Valley, having come to locate its younger heroes “intriguing.”

*Courtney showed that Yolanda is again as Wildcat for good, at the same time as Cindy later reached out to Yolanda to invite that she, too, get a “pass” and be allowed to enroll in the JSA.

*After Pat stated that Sylvester might provide an explanation for his resurrection any other time, Court concerned that Starman is right here to reclaim the team of workers. But Sylvester insisted that he isn’t. Rather, he’d like to expose Stargirl what the cosmic team of workers “can sincerely do.” (After she completes summer time season school, of course.)

*Just as Dr. McNider readied to go away Blue Valley and locate his “widowed” wife, Beth mentioned that she already positioned her — in Melody Hills, Indiana. What’s greater, Chuck’s missus became pregnant whilst he “died,” so he goes domestic to a 10-year-antique son!

*Mike advised that he, Jakeem and Thunderbolt begin their “very own thing.”

Stargirl Cameron*Just as Cameron completed that damn mural, his grandparents stated it became time to inform him the reality approximately his frost-breathing, icy-eyed family….

*Beth’s dad and mom are a chunk over-enthusiastic about having a superhero daughter (and their romance has “rekindled” as a result). They boast of getting large plans to assist out with ideas, costuming, “nanotechnology”…

*Barbara reviews to the fam that Jennie made it appropriately to Milwaukee. Oh, and the residence round the corner has sold. The doorbell rings, and Pat and Court meet their new neighbors — the Crocks! Cue the name card for Season 3, “Frenemies.”

Lastly, in a real bonus scene, Nurse Louise Love on the Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation’s is visible telling a person that Green Lantern’s daughter is again searching out her brother, however she left at the back of a brand new bunch of buddies in a small city in Nebraska populated through heroes and villains.

“Heroes and villains, facet through facet? What an exciting experiment,” muses Mister Bones. “Perhaps we must take a trip….”

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