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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th December 2021 Written Update: Hema visits Sagar in jail

by Mansi
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Episode starts with Host publicizes that 0.33 spherical of ‘high-quality bahu’ opposition going to start soon. He exhibits that it’s a crew spherical and sport is tug of strugglefare and crew captains are Gehna and Swara. Hema joins Gehna’s crew. Host offers them someday to devise method. Swara tells Kusum that her crew is vulnerable. Kusum tells her that Gehna’s crew appears robust too and asks her to now no longer worry. Swara asks Gehna that did the later bribed society girls due to the fact the latter has this kind of robust crew. Gehna asks her to now no longer lose wish earlier than gambling.

Swara tells her that it’s a collection mission and he or she by myself can’t win it. Gehna tells her that she is prepared to trade the crew. Swara is of the same opinion for trade and that they exchanges their crew. Desai’s notices that. Jamuna wonders that what’s going on there. Kusum informs her approximately crew trade and provokes her towards Gehna. She tells her that the day prior to this additionally Gehna supported Krishna going towards the latter.

Swara tells her crew participants that Gehna’s crew participants are vulnerable to be able to win easily. Gehna tells her crew participants that in the event that they determined to win then they are able to win. Tiya receives amazed seeing Krishna there. She tells him that she could have regretted plenty if he left the residence then. He tells her that they did not anything incorrect so no want to remorse for something. Gehna tells her crew participants that they have to win this spherical with the aid of using the usage of intellectual electricity. Swara asks Hema to apply her electricity and win it for them. Gehna explains the method of triumphing tug of strugglefare to her crew participants.

Third spherical starts. Pankaj cheers for Swara. Kusum realises that Gehna deliberate method to win the spherical. Swara wonders that how Gehna’s crew gambling effortlessly. Tiya and Krishna cheers for Gehna. Swara asks Hema to apply her complete electricity. Kusum throws small stone at Gehna’s hand with out anyone’s know-how however little need of it due to the fact Gehna’s crew wins the spherical which shocks Swara and Kusum.

Jamuna publicizes that 0.33 spherical winner is Gehna’s crew and every body receives every factor from that crew. Host asks Gehna to return back to the degree and deliver triumphing speech. He tells her that she is main withinside the opposition with 2 points. Gehna tells that it’s a crew attempt and that they learnt approximately the significance of cohesion on this spherical. She says to them that she learnt all of the techniques from her own circle of relatives simplest mainly from Anant and Jamuna. Hema name callings Swara. Swara blames her for his or her lose and asks her to now no longer say something.

Later, Hema visits Sagar in jail. He asks her that who ship her. She asks him to now no longer say something towards Kanak and Kanak additionally won’t say something towards him and leaves from there. On the opposite hand, Anant is going to deliver ice percent for Gehna. Kusum asks Gehna this is it paining and applies ointment on her hand. Gehna thinks that she is aware of that Kusum loves her however the latter isn’t always capable of specific it in the front of Swara. She tells her that she is aware of that what the latter did withinside the venue.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna tells Jamuna that she can’t live farfar from her.

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