Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 4th December 2021 Written Update: Kusum creates rift between Jamuna and Gehna

by Mansi
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Episode starts offevolved with Praful and Paresh tells Gehna that they may devour much less meals due to the fact they ate lot of laddus withinside the stall. Hema tells them that no need of these laddus due to the fact it’s Swara who gained on the give up of the day. Swara tells her that dance is likewise one of the skill. Jamuna tells Hema that she introduced the winner as Swara due to the fact she earned lot of cash in step with the opposition regulations in any other case she could in no way admire what Swara did withinside the stall.

Tiya and Krishna enters the residence. Kusum tells Tiya that if she become Jamuna then she gained’t allow her daughter roam with a man like this. Swara tells her that she could now no longer have given permission to Tiya as a elder daughter in regulation of this residence. Tiya well-knownshows that Gehna gave permission. Kusum tells Jamuna that everybody gossip approximately Desai’s withinside the stall due to the fact with out marriage Tiya and Krishna dwelling withinside the equal residence. Gehna tells her that Krishna is sincerely a great man.

Tiya asks Kusum and Swara that what’s their trouble whilst her own circle of relatives don’t have any trouble with it. Jamuna tells her to live silent. She asks Gehna that why the latter didn’t requested her earlier than giving permission to Tiya. She tells Tiya that from now the latter can’t exit like this. Tiya leaves from there. Jamuna tells her own circle of relatives that Swara isn’t wrong.

Krishna tells Jamuna that he isn’t a stranger and he goes to marry Tiya and it’s Tiya who desires time to determine. Kusum tells him that ladies takes time to determine and asks him to watch for her choice with the aid of using staying in his residence. Gehna tells her that Krishna will live in Desai residence handiest. Jamuna tells her that he can’t live. She asks him to pay attention on his process till Tiya consents for marriage and for now he want to depart. Anant tells her that Krishna supported them of their tough situations.

Gehna tells her that Krishna can consider his destiny with the aid of using staying in Desai residence too. She says to her that they can’t neglect about that what all Krishna did for them. Everyone helps Gehna. Jamuna feels terrible and tells Gehna that everybody went towards her and he or she appears like she have become maid of this residence so she gained’t say whatever and leaves from there. Praful tells Gehna to put together for opposition and Jamuna will apprehend her.

Swara and Kusum celebrates their victory. Kusum tells her that it’s only a starting and any further many stuff will happen. Swara tells her that she has to go back to Pankaj’s room. Kusum tells her that the latter gets her rights on time. Kanak asks Hema that what the latter will do if Gehna’s one greater sister comes and throw her out of the residence. Hema desires approximately begging and screams.

Other side, Krishna makes a decision to depart Desai residence however Gehna and Anant convinces him to live. Anant tells Gehna that they want to be cautious any further. Kanak tells Hema that handiest she will keep her however she is in prison now. Hema tells her that she can be able to communicate to Sagar and leaves from there. Kanak tells herself that she gained’t go away Swara.

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