Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 19th November 2021 Written Update: Swara tries to kill Gehna

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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 nineteenth November 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts offevolved with Swara attempts to stab Gehna at the same time as hugging her however Kusum snatches the knife from Swara. Gehna tells Swara that she in no way idea she can be able to reunite with them like this nowadays. She says to them that her father have become the cause for his or her reunion. Kusum hugs her and Swara. She tells her that the whole thing is destiny’s game. Gehna takes her father’s image and tells them that she need to proportion this glad information with Desai’s and runs from there.

She gathers Desai’s withinside the hall. She tells Anant that she located her sister and her mom. He asks her that in which are they. She exhibits that Kusum is her mom and Swara is her sister. She tells him that she can be able to carry them. Jamuna asks her that what befell to her. She suggests her father’s image to her which she were given from Swara and additionally her locket.

On the alternative hand, Swara asks Kusum that why the latter stopped her from stabbing Gehna. Kusum slaps her and tells her that she additionally hates Gehna however they have to now no longer damage Gehna now. She recollects that how her husband located out the jewels she stole. She attempts to slap Gehna in anger however her husband stops her and slaps her. He tells her that he’ll carry the proprietors of these jewels and he or she have to go back the jewels to them and he leaves the residence. Kusum blames Gehna for the whole thing and takes the jewels together along with her and he or she leaves the residence with Swara.

Swara tells Kusum that she can be able to take hold of the whole thing from Gehna. Kusum asks her to look forward to the proper time. She reminds her that she set hearthplace to their residence to attain Desai residence. And they has to make Gehna cry. Jamuna tells Gehna that Swara can’t be the latter’s sister. Gehna asks her to recognize her. Anant asks Jamuna to pay attention what Gehna desires to say. Jamuna tells them that Swara and Kusum can’t live in her residence. Swara and Kusum comes there. Gehna tells Jamuna that Swara and Kusum are her own circle of relatives. Jamuna insults Swara and Kusum. Kusum stops Swara from reacting.

Gehna tells Jamuna that she additionally has rights in this residence as a daughter in regulation of this own circle of relatives so her sister and her mom will live on this residence only. Jamuna leaves from there in anger. Praful tells Gehna that he’ll persuade Jamuna and asks her to carry her own circle of relatives. Anant invitations Swara and Kusum. Swara informs him approximately her mother and father marriage anniversary. He tells her that they’ll have a good time it tomorrow.

Gehna is going to Jamuna’s room and asks her to now no longer get indignant at her. Jamuna tells her that nowadays the latter went in opposition to her for Swara and Kusum. She says to her that nowadays the latter insulted her for a person else. Gehna tells her that she has mom now. She pleads her to allow them to live for few days. Swara takes Gehna from there and suggests the decorations to her.

Gehna asks Kusum that why the latter left her while she turned into kid. Kusum tells her that she can be able to solution her at proper time and asks to now no longer misunderstand her. She hugs her and Swara. Anant clicks their image. He tells Gehna that Praful will persuade Jamuna for sure.

Episode ends.

Precap – Swara dances in Desai residence and visitors gossips approximately it.

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