Anupama 19th November 2021 Written Update: Leela faces Vanraj’s wrath

by Mansi
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Today’s episode begins offevolved with Leela strolling on the street recalling her phrases for Hasmukh. Anupama follows Leela on the street. She calls Leela. Leela thinks what blunder she did. She become approximately to fall and Anupama gave her support. Duo percentage a communicate with every other. Anupama says to Leela that she become proper in her eyes and latter is probably proper at her location however something she has performed with Hasmuk is completely incorrect. She provides she has performed incorrect with Hasmukh through hitting him together along with her bitter phrases. Leela cries.

There, Vanraj asks Partiosh to inform him the fact and don’t believe his staying power. He asks him to answer. Paritosh stands mum. Samar, Kinjal, Kavya and Pakhi go back again home. Vanraj decode some thing occurred at the back of his again. Anupama says to Leela that Hasmuk is disenchanted due to the fact she defamed him. She asks Leela to maintain staying power till Hasmuk’s anger cools down. Anupama provides something Leela stated to her, she by no means felt horrific however she is indignant together along with her as she crossed the road through insulting Hasmukh. Leela cries and says she did a sin. She remorse hurting Hasmukh. Anupama console Leela. Leela says to Anupama that she were given possessive for her therefore whilst she noticed Anuj her blood boiled regardless of understanding not anything can appear among her and Vanraj. She provides she had a proper on her from beyond 26 years therefore, she vent out. Leela urges Anupama to assist her in getting Hasmuk again. She says she can’t live with out Hasmuk. Anupama comforts Leela.

Ahead, Vanraj study Leela insulting Hasmukh. He were given indignant on Kavya for letting Hasmukh go. Anupama and Leela listen Vanraj seeking out Hasmukh. He vows till he’s going to carry again Hasmukh, he’s going to now no longer consume or drink anything.

Leela and Anupama come. Vanraj restricts Leela’s access withinside the house. He receives indignant on Leela for insulting Hasmuk at the back of his again. Vanraj asks Anupama to go away the location as she isn’t always needed. He similarly asks Leela approximately Hasmukh. Anupama attempts to cowl Leela. Vanraj says if each person else could have insulted Hasmukh he could have killed that individual however he’s helpless due to the fact Leela is the culprit. Vanraj says he can die however can’t stay with out Hasmukh. He accuses Leela for insulting Hasmukh. Anupama asks Vanraj to now no longer limition Leela’s access withinside the house. She inform to Vanraj that Hasmukh is together along with her. Vanraj thank you Anupama for looking after Hasmukh. Kavya accuses Anupama for all of the mess. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Anupama and Vanraj stands towards every other. Vanraj closes the door for Leela however Anupama combat for her.

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