Kundali Bhagya, 2 December 2021, Written Update: Pihu recognizes Sonakshi

by Mansi
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In cutting-edge episode, Karan questions Vinod approximately what’s withinside the bag. Vinod explains that this has a unique tracker that’s made for this unique purpose, as soon as Karan manages to get the cash then they may monitor themselves and trap the kidnappers. This is absolutely for Karan to look who has absolutely abducted her. Meanwhile, Sonakshi turned into definitely tense, she all over again comes to a decision to name Luthra’s however Rajveer stops her whilst she questions why he continues preventing her. Rajeev replies she has given them a time and it has ended. one goon comes there and tells Sonakshi that she turned into incorrect even earlier than as Pihu isn’t inquisitive about ingesting the chocolate.

Sonakshi in anger exclaims that she will die if she does not consume anything. The kidnappers get concerned and Sonakshi insists they must now no longer have a take a observe her like this due to the fact Pihu is her actual daughter. she sends the opposite girls to head and tie her eyes as then she can be able to pass and feed her.

Meanwhile, the officer Akash withinside the Luthra residence performs the photos and explains they are able to see who abducted her. Vinod asks him to zoom for you to see her face. However she is carrying a burqa, Karan additionally instructs them to test the quantity plate however Vinod exclaims that normally the vehicles are stolen however he could have them checked. Sonakshi is going to Pihu who’s continuously calling Preeta Ma, she sits together along with her advising her to consume however she right now acknowledges that it’s miles Sonakshi. She begins offevolved taking into consideration the Diwali night time whilst she turned into with Pihu explaining that she is her actual mother.

Pihu stops crying explaining she is aware of that Sonakshi has come to unfastened her and could take her again home. Sonakshi gets a name from Sherlyn so leaves handing the meals to the opposite lady, she sits down. Pihu without delay realizes she is a person else so requests her to open her eyes asking if the opposite female turned into Sonakshi. The female tells Pihu that sure it turned into Sonakshi.

Sonakshi questions Sherlyn approximately what took place in Luthra residence. Sherlyn explains they have got added the cash however Vinod is likewise going to set a tracker in it for you to song her location. Sonakshi in anger exclaims each Karan and Preeta might should pay for this as she warned them to now no longer act smart.

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