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How Old Is Eren In AOT Season 4? Fans Shocked By Eren’s New Look

by Mansi
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Attack on Titan season four these days launched its 8th episode and lovers can not comprise their excitement. We are already on the midway factor of the finale season. The anime is ready to launch its 9th episode titled Brave Volunteers on February 9. The episode will maintain Eren’s battle on the alternative Titans. Many lovers had been greatly surprised because of the time pass proven on this season. All the characters regarded older and extra mature way to their new appearance and hair. Find out how vintage is Eren in AOT season four?

How vintage is Eren in AOT season four?

According to AOT’s internet site, Eren Yeager is nineteen years vintage on this very last season. Mikasa Ackerman is likewise 19. An essential aspect that many AOT lovers would possibly already recognise is that the Ackermans which means Levi and Mikasa are special, they do now no longer go through getting older like others do. The blood in their extended family is special, therefore withinside the time pass many human beings see that their appearance doesn’t alternate a great deal at all. In addition, a document in CBR.com famous that AOT additionally launched its AOT Chapter 146 a while ago, which famous that Armin Arlert is likewise 19.

Where to observe AOT season four?


The famous anime prevent save internet site Crunchyroll is ready to hold the simulcast of each episode of Attack on Titan season four. It is supplying a 14 day loose trial for its top rate carrier. The app may be accessed thru PlayStation four, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in addition to iOS and Android devices.


Funimation may also circulation the whole episodes of Attack on Titan Season four in conjunction with subtitles. Fans should word that a date for the English dubs has but to be announced. Hence to observe all of those episodes online, you may sign on for FunimationNow, which presently gives a loose trial. Viewers should sign in a shape of payment, however the first 14 days might be loose. FunimationNOW is to be had on iOS and Android devices, in addition to the PlayStation and Microsoft shops.


Streaming carrier Hulu has truly kicked it up a notch in the sport of streaming through making many famous animes in addition to indicates and movies to be had on its page. It may also host the brand new episode of Attack on Titan Season four on its streaming carrier. The streaming carrier is supplying a loose trial for brand spanking new subscribers. The Hulu app may be accessed on each iOS and Android devices, in addition to gaming consoles withinside the PlayStation and Microsoft shops and withinside the Nintendo eShop.

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