Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2021 Written Update: Gaurav and his dad kidnaps Abhi

by Mansi
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The episode begins offevolved with Tanu announcing that Alia joined hand with Gaurav and did molestation drama and stole the citation statistics from the workplace and gave it to Gaurav. Alia admits her crimes and says that Gaurav desires to kill Abhi and Tanu recommended him. Pragya stops them and asks in which Abhi went. Alia says the lodge’s name. Tanu confirms it. Pragya slaps Tanu and leaves to store Abhi. Other hand Abhi recahes the lodge and asks withinside the reception to fulfill Gaurav. The receptionist calls Gaurav. Abhi talks to Gaurav withinside the telecellsmartphone and says that he has come to fulfill him. Gaurav offers his room range. Pragya is at the manner in vehicle and telephones Abhi. Abhi gets the decision. Pragya asks why he hasn’t come returned domestic and went to fulfill Gaurav. Abhi asks why she gave all her belongings to Gaurav to handiest store him. Pragya says that Abhi’s existence is greater crucial for her. Abhi says that he can forgive Gaurav for what he did with him, however he can’t forgive him for dishonest Pragya. If he’s now no longer equipped to make an apology to Pragya, he won’t spare Gaurav. Pragya says that Gaurav is making plans to kill him and attempts to persuade Abhi to return back returned, however in vain. Abhi disconnects the decision asking her to look ahead to him withinside the house. Pragya prays for Abhi’s safety.

Two goons meet Gaurav. Gaurav has known as them to assist him to kill Abhi. They ask him what Gaurav’s plan is. Gaurav explains his plan to them. The goons reward his plan. Gaurav says that there have to now no longer be any harm on Abhi’s body, his demise have to be an accident. Pragya reveals the street blocked and asks a police guy approximately this. The police guy says to take some other course as there’s a few paintings goes ahead. Pragya attempts to take away the block through herself announcing that her husband’s existence is in danger. The police guy enables Pragya and allow her vehicle move that facet.

Abhi reaches Gaurav’s room. Abhi confronts Gaurav and asks him to make an apology to Pragya. Gaurav confesses that he has despatched Abhi to the prison, he’s liable for the ones poors demise, he requested the contractor to crumble the wall. Gaurav refuses to make an apology to anyone. Abhi says that he has to make an apology to Pragya for her tears. Abhi hits Gaurav. Gaurav calls the goons for assist. The goons assault Abhi. Abhi fights the goons and knocks them down. Abhi then beats Gaurav. Abhi ties Gaurav’s hand in the back of his returned. Abhi says that Gaurav has to make an apology to Pragya and to the harmless people’s family. He desires to kill him, however he desires to stay with Pragya and doesn’t need to visit the prison for killing him. Pragya reaches the lodge. She receives to recognise Gaurav’s room range from the receptionist and rushes inner to store Abhi.

Abhi says to Gaurav that he has recorded his confession and that’s sufficient to ship him to the prison. Gaurav’s dad breaks a pitcher bottle over Abhi’s head. Abhi says that he doesn’t enhance hand on elders. Gaurav releases himself and takes the kerchief which includes kloroform and places it over Abhi’s mouth. Abhi faints. Gaurav and his dad placed an subconscious Abhi in a wheelchair and take him outside. Pragya is searching out Abhi. Gaurav and his dad be successful to take Abhi out. Pragya feels some thing and appears closer to the facet Gaurav took Abhi. She feels strange. Pragya asks a waiter Gaurav’s room range route and is going there. She knocks on the door. She sees a housekeeper. Pragya says to the housekeeper that her husband slept locking the door and asks the housekeeper to assist her to open the room door. The housekeeper opens the room door. Pragya is going inner. She reveals the room tousled and receives shocked. Other hand Gaurav and his dad take a look at for Abhi’s telecellsmartphone wherein he has recorded Gaurav’s conversation. His dad says that Abhi dropped the telecellsmartphone while he hit him at the head. They determine to move returned to the room to get Abhi’s telecellsmartphone. Meanwhile Pragya reveals Abhi’s telecellsmartphone at the ground and realises that Abhi is in danger.

The episode ends.

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