Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th December 2021 Written Update: Virat assures Shruti about her safety

by Mansi
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Episode begins offevolved with Virat telling Shruti that he’s going to take her to a few secure place. He apprises her that police branch is aware of approximately Sadanand’s spouse however doesn’t realize who she is, he ask her to place vermillion on her hairline in order that no person can doubt her. He reminds her that if she won’t disguise her identification and get stuck through police then they may attempt to get the data from her which they desired to get from Sadanand. He says that if she get arrested then she ought to boost her baby in jail, even as she receives scared and says that she doesn’t need it. He assures her and states that he’s going to continually assist her.

Here, Virat ask Shruti to have accept as true with on her and questions that once she had finished her checkup? To which she replies that she haven’t finished it as there wasn’t any health facility withinside the jungle. He suggests subject for her infant after which is going to pay bill, even as she says that she doesn’t like him paying cash for her.

Shruti asks him to inform a few tales of his and Sadanand’s friendship. Meanwhile, she doubts Virat and thinks that she doesn’t realize whatever approximately him or his family. She receives sentimental remembering her husband however one way or the other controls herself.

Elsewhere, Sai holds Virat’s blouse and cries remembering him. She says that she is aware of he continually remains unswerving to his work. She prays for his protection and desires for him to go back lower back to her quickly.

Virat takes Shruti right into a lodge and books a room for him and his spouse. Whereas, Shruti sees Sadanand’s face in Virat. She feels uneasy and tells Virat approximately it, even as he receives involved and ask the receptionist to provide their room fast. Later, he comforts her and says that he’s going to maintain coming to her in an effort to guarantee her protection.

Ahead, She ask him approximately his family, to which he says that he’s married and his spouse is a clinical student. She ask that if he instructed his spouse approximately her? To which he replies negatively and states that he won’t monitor approximately her to anyone. He ask her to accept as true with him, even as she says approximately her pain. He encourages her to combat her feelings for her baby, even as she nods in agreement.

Virat takes Shruti inner her room and makes her recognize that he have noted her as his spouse. He says that he’s going to come later to test on her, even as she says that she can’t maintain relying on his financially. He ask her to now no longer fear approximately it, even as she says that she additionally desires to be financially independent. Virat ask her to attend to herself together with her infant.

Further, Sai maintains looking ahead to Virat even as Samrat comes there and offers her a cup of coffee. He says that everybody can see her emotions for Virat in her eyes. He states that once Virat will come lower back anyone will provide him medals and respect him for his bravery, even as Sai receives satisfied. He states that human beings need to respect a spouse’s attempt additionally as she maintains looking ahead to her husband. Meanwhile, he ask if Pakhi extensively utilized to look forward to him like Sai does for Virat? He talks approximately his love for Pakhi, even as Sai assures that the entirety will quickly be satisfactory in among them.

Precap:- Sai receives satisfied seeing Virat and hugs him immediately. Virat’s mom receives elated seeing them. Meanwhile, Virat says that his baggage haven’t come, to which Sai replies that she is aware of why he got here late. Virat receives taken aback wondering if Sai get to study Shruti.

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