How to Measure 2/3 of a Cup

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Recipes rely upon the usage of correct measurements, so understanding the way to efficiently degree 2/three of a cup is important to acquire the favored outcome. Or in case you’re withinside the center of making ready a recipe and your 2/three measuring cup is nowhere to be found, it’s far beneficial to realize size conversions in order that your recipe seems as expected. Being conscious that there’s a distinction in how one-of-a-kind varieties of components are measured and the way to degree them correctly will resource in accomplishing recipe success.

Dry Ingredients

Dry components are measured the use of measuring cups, which can be frequently product of plastic or metal. Dry components encompass flour, sugar, nuts and chocolate chips. To correctly degree 2/three of a cup of a dry element, fill the measuring cup barely over, then sweep a spatula manage or different kitchen utensil with a flat manage throughout the pinnacle of the cup to take away the excess.

For coarser components like nuts or chocolate chips, jiggle the measuring cup to settle the portions, then use your great judgment to decide if the cup is about full, including or casting off portions as needed.

You may need to double test the recipe. If it references a “generous” or “heaping” cup, then which means you do not want to stage off the size. Keeping a touch greater on pinnacle is fine.

“Sticky” Dry Ingredients

Ingredients consisting of molasses, honey or peanut butter, whilst now no longer technically dry components, also are measured with measuring cups. When measuring those varieties of “sticky” dry components, you may use a flat aspect to stage off the cup, or for stickier components, it is able to be less difficult to eyeball it. Set the cup on a flat floor and role your self with a line of sight this is stage with the pinnacle of the measuring cup. You need the element to be about stage throughout the pinnacle.

Dry Ingredients Substitution

Use a 1/three of a cup and fill it two times in case you do not personal or cannot locate your 2/three measuring cup. You also can use 10 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons in a pinch as a conversion for 2/three of a cup.

Liquid Ingredients

Liquid components are measured the use of liquid measuring cups, which can be frequently product of plastic and are available sizes like four or eight cups. Most encompass a 2/three cup size marking. To correctly degree a liquid element, like water, olive oil or soup stock, slowly pour it right into a liquid measuring cup this is set on a flat floor. As you method the 2/three cup line, role your self so you are eye-stage with the marking. Due to the floor anxiety of liquids, the floor does now no longer take a seat down flawlessly flat. If bureaucracy a meniscus, which seems as a moderate curve, slowly maintain including your liquid to the measuring cup till the lowest of the meniscus is flawlessly stage with the lowest of the 2/three cup marking.

Liquid Ingredient Substitution

In a pinch, you may use 10 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons as a conversion for 2/three of a cup, aleven though an correct size might be greater tough to acquire because of the meniscus. Rest the spoon on a flat floor and stage your sight with the pinnacle of the spoon to ensure the liquid is not curving too some distance below or over the pinnacle of the spoon.

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