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Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th December 2021 Written Update: Reema tricks Sandhya

by Mansi
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At the start of the episode, Reema goes to Simar this is while she sees Sandhya. She pretends as though she is speaking to her mom and her mom is disappointed as Simar isn’t always transferring on due to Aarav. Sandhya receives disappointed listening to her words. She is going to Reema. She asks her if Simar refuses to marry? Here Simar is watching for Aarav. Aditi says that she has to exit and spot in which Aarav is. Simar nods her head.

Aditi sees the ache on her face. She hugs her to consolation her and consoles her that the entirety could be all proper soon. Here Aarav angrily comes Oswal Mansion. Simar feels that Aarav is round her. Aarav feels the same. Next, he is going to his mom’s room. He sees that there’s nobody withinside the room. While Reema sees that Aditi is set to visit Aarav. She stops her.

Reema asks her if he’s disappointed. Aditi refuses and leaves. Here Aarav meets Sandhya. He asks her if she desires to get Simar married to Samar. He desires to understand why they did this to him. Sandhya attempts to mention some thing however Aarav interrupts her. He stocks that nowadays he’s unhappy due to his own circle of relatives. His braveness and coronary heart are damaged due to them. Sandhya receives unhappy listening to his words.

She asks him to concentrate to her once. Aarav refuses to concentrate to her. He says that his own circle of relatives individuals are the motive of his ache each time. He provides that despite the fact that Simar isn’t always with him however he become glad wondering that Simar’s breath and her happiness belong to him however now they need to grab this proper from him too. Sandhya claims that he’s most effective taking into consideration himself proper now and ask if he idea that how will Simar stay alone?

Here Simar feels that Aarav is round her. She comes to a decision to locate him. While Sandhya asks Aarav to allow Simar cross in order that she will be able to locate her happiness. Aarav asks if Simar desires to marry Samar. Sandhya tells him that she is refusing to marry as she feels that Aarav will come again in her existence. But Aarav must smash this perception of her. So that she will be able to circulate on.

Aarav thinks that if Simar’s happiness is on this then he’ll loose her from this bondage. He breaks down and falls to the ground. Sandhya consoles him and hugs him. She tells him to cry loads in order that he can overlook the antique sorrows and begin afresh. Whereas Aarav feels that he can not circulate on in his existence anymore. Sandhya explains to him that he can try this for his cherished ones.

Here Simar comes out of doors Aarav’s room and recollects their moments. Tears nicely up in her eyes. She similarly hears that Aarav desires to give up their relationship. She breaks down listening to this. Reema involves Simar. Simar hugs her and begins offevolved crying. Simar tells Reema that she has misplaced the entirety. Now Aarav additionally desires to circulate on. Reema explains to her that now Simar must additionally overlook Aarav.

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