Don’t Google ‘space movie from 1992’ – warning not to fall for sick stunt spread by racists on Reddit

by Mansi
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SICK Redditors have instructed humans now no longer to Google “area film from 1992” in a bid to trick them right into a racist comic story.

The appalling strive at comedy started out circulating at the dialogue platform Reddit, earlier than spreading throughout social media and turning into one in every of Google’s pinnacle autofill suggestions.

Those deceived with the aid of using the horrible trick discover seek consequences for the 1992 brief movie, Gayn from Outer Space.

The sci-fi flick follows a collection of intergalactic gay black guys from planet Anus, who go to Earth to wipe out the woman populace and create an all-male homosexual society.

The movie lends its call from “Grave Robbers from Outer Space”, the authentic identify of the 1959 horror film, “Plan nine from Outer Space”.

The intentions of the 1992 movie have lengthy been disputed, as visitors query whether or not it’s miles racist and homophobic instead of a innocent spoof.

The sarcastic seek caution first started out circulating again in 2016, earlier than reemerging in 2020 and the begin of this year.

The comic story has persevered to unfold throughout social media as merciless pranksters try to surprise unsuspecting net customers with the racist remark.

The present day thread regarding the film turned into titled, “I turned into instructed to google area film 1992 and turned into now no longer disappointed,” and published on February 3.

Other Reddit customers flooded the comments, amused with the aid of using the comic story and praising the movie – even as a few took the possibility to publish vile abuse.

Countless memes have on account that been created of the gag, which started out to advantage traction on Twitter and Facebook.

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