Molkki 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Prakashi Finds Anjali And Purvi

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Molkki tenth December 2021 Written Episode Update: Prakashi Finds Anjali And Purvi

Molkki tenth December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi tells Anjali that Yogi could be certainly satisfied to peer her. Everyone could be satisfied too. I don’t realize whether or not he’ll be given this infant or now no longer however he loves you very much. He hasn’t stopped crying on the grounds that then. He isn’t at fault however you may be proved incorrect in case you run away! Come with me to haveli and inform your reality to everyone.

Prakashi’s informant alerts 2 guys sitting close by withinside the cover of ladies to shoot each of them. They take out their guns.

Doc informs Virender and Renu that they want B- blood for Satyam. It isn’t to be had in Rewari. Arrange it by hook or by crook if you may or Satyam may be in hazard. He leaves. Renu asks Virender how they’ll set up blood so soon. Virender realizes that there may be a person whose blood institution is B-. He leaves to deliver that man or woman.

Purvi asks Anjali to return back. Bus leaves for Rewari at 6. They begin taking walks however the goons begin capturing simply then. Purvi and Anjali hide. Goons exhaust the bullets. Kajri shouts on the goons to kill them. Purvi and Anjali manipulate to run away.

Virender tells Sakshi to understand. Only you’ve got got this blood institution in Rewari. Have mercy and store his existence! Sakshi says I can not accept as true with my eyes. Mukhi Virender Pratap Singh is begging me. You withdrew your rights lengthy in the past however you should go back me my area in case you need my assist. Virender says it became a mistake to request a egocentric man or woman such as you for assist. A lady such as you can not deliver everybody even an inch of happiness. He starts offevolved to depart whilst Sakshi reminds him of doctor’s words. You handiest have 2 hours or your sister becomes a widow earlier than getting married. I haven’t refused to assist. Virender asks her what she wants. She asks for a few time. Return me the Mukhi who cherished Sakshi madly. Become the antique Virender for a few time. I will provide you with my existence gladly. Virender tells her it may in no way appear. Renu calls Virender simply then. Satyam’s circumstance is worsening. Doc stated that we should set up blood asap or we’d lose him. He tells her now no longer to cry. Nothing will appear to Satyam until the time your brother is alive. I will come soon. He ends the call. Virender closes the door from inner dejectedly and appears at Sakshi. She walks as much as him.

Purvi and Anjali are hiding in an empty residence. Purvi tells Anjali now no longer to worry. I requested a child withinside the neighbourhood to fasten the door. No one will come inner now. They are hiding close to a window. A goon lowers his hand down the window. Both women cowl their mouth because the bricks fall on their feet. Other goon asks him to return back because the residence is locked. They are leaving whilst Anjali receives startled through some thing and screams. Goons smash open the lock and seize maintain of Anjali and Purvi. they’re dragged outside. Purvi tells a goon now no longer to damage Anjali as she is pregnant. Othehr goon says we had been paid to kill her and her infant. Anjali manages to hit a goon with a brick. She begins offevolved going for walks however the goon holds her feet. She slips and receives hurt. Purvi hits the goons badly with a stick. A lady has is able to being a mom and she or he can combat too. They run away. Purvi asks Anjali to return back together along with her to document. Anjali is concerned as there may be handiest one document. Purvi swears to shield her infant at any cost. Anjali hugs her and cries. Please store my infant. Purvi choices up the gun and takes Anjali together along with her.

Sakshi and Virender are sitting at the bed. Sakshi continues Virender’s arm round her shoulder and rests her head on his shoulder. He appears uncomfortable. She turns his face closer to him and he imagines Purvi in her. He smiles. Sakshi says I handiest need you to inform me as soon as which you love me. Please say it as soon as. She is unbuttoning his kurta however he holds her hand. I will say it handiest to my Bawri. She would possibly have cheated me however she nevertheless has a proper on me. I actually have lived through my phrase and given you my time. It is your flip now. Don’t delay. Sakshi appears at her in shock.

Purvi ambitions the gun at Kajri. My call is Purvi Virender Pratap Singh. I realize the way to beg and the way to pressure everybody. Kajri tells her that she introduced Anjali on time. She could have misplaced her infant otherwise. Purvi warns her now no longer to inform something to everybody or she can be able to rot in jail. Kajri nods. Purvi asks Anjali to return back together along with her. we ought to head again to Rewari. Kajri tells her it isn’t secure for her to move now. You can take the bus at eight pm. She is going to maintain some thing aside. Purvi tells Anjali they’ll depart at night.

Virender thank you Sakshi for the favour. Doc tells Virender and Renu that Satyam is out of hazard now. Renu wipes her tears. Virender says I will tell Ma as we ought to make preps for wedding. He asks document if they are able to take Satyam home. Doc denies. He can not stroll or pass anywhere. He should live right here for few extra days. Virender wonders what they’ll do now. The subsequent mahurat is after 6 months.

Purvi is taking Anjali whilst Kajri begs Purvi to forgive her. Prakashi ji will kill me if she unearths out approximately this. Purvi tells her it’s miles a sin to grab a lady’s proper of turning into a mom. Don’t do that ever again. Kajri nods. Purvi and Anjali open the door after they discover Prakashi in the front of them. She suggests them a gun and gestures them to move again inner. Kajri snatches the gun from Purvi’s hand. Purvi asks her what she is doing right here.

Flashback suggests Kajri texting Prakashi whilst Purvi became sitting with Anjali. Purvi says I am ashamed to name you Ma as you’re the only who placed me in that situation. Prakashi isn’t bothered. Vent out some thing is for your heart. I would really like to listen it. By now you understand it became my plan to kill Anjali and her infant. I will kill them because it will solid a doubt on my son! He is my pride. No you will doubt him! Purvi tells her it’s miles Yogi who will make this decision. Prakashi says he’s a easy man. Anjali shaped a bootleg relation with a person. You suppose Yogi will nevertheless be given her? Do you watched Anjali accepts him as her husband? Purvi is disgusted. Yogi Bhaiya isn’t always the handiest man or woman withinside the global who can not come to be a father! There are many such humans withinside the global. Doctor is aware of many options to assist such couples. Don’t blame Anjali bhabhi for this. Prakashi asks her who’s at fault then. Speak up now!

Precap: Prakashi brings Purvi’s mom and blackmails Purvi to present toxic liquid to Anjali to be able to kill the infant. Other side, Sakshi faints telling Virender that he won’t have the ability to speak to her ever again. He catches her and sees poison/slumbering drugs bottle falling from her hand.

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