Desert Safari Dubai -An Adventurous Tour With Pure Entertainment

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Dubai and its precious desert are the ultimate stopovers for many tourists from all over the world. This noticeable heritage land of the middle east is the immediate tourist attraction when they land in Dubai. Whether you are for a short term in Dubai or out to explore it from every aspect, Desert safari Dubai is a complete package of fun, thrill, entertainment. It offers you a good insight into Arabian culture.

This infinite sea of golden sand is a must-must in your travel bucket list.  Want to know what sort of excursions you can encounter at this amazing marvel of nature? Give a read and go for it!

Adventurous Tales of Desert Safari Dubai

  1. Rolling Over the Dunes

Buckle up adrenaline-junkies, there is something blasting for you! After drop-off from the hotel, you are subjected to real insanity at the dunes. Dune bashing is a popular terrain activity among other sand sports. It is specially installed for thrill-seekers.

Sit belted in a 4×4 terrain SUV and breaking the speed limits with an audible drift. It’s an extremely adventurous and spine-tingling activity. 

Desert safari offers you to dune bash in a hummer, land cruiser, rover, a wrangler, and dune buggies. These are the dune bashing vehicles with heavy-duty tires that allow a smooth drift in the sand. 

  1. Encounter Thrill in ATV and Fat Bikes

Get your hands on a quad bike and meet the thrill. Drift over the highs and lows of the dunes while competing with your folks. After receiving a little guide under a set of safety instructions by the professionals, you are ready to breakthrough! Leave the golden dust behind while driving the crazy terrain fat bicycle and quad bike.

These vehicles are different from each other as a quad bike is a drive for one and a 4 wheeler. However, a fat bike is also a drive for single but a two-wheeler and more like a bicycle. So which one are you going to grab on your visit to the dunes?

  1. Sand Surfing with Folks

Sandboarding is a great way of celebrating your presence at the golden dunes of Dubai. Practice your balance and then go unstoppable by fitting your feet on the sandboard. A sandboard is a flat wooden medium that allows to surf over the grainy texture of sand with a smooth delivery. Surfing the sloppy dunes of Arabia with heightened adrenaline is worth trying. A little practice is enough to initiate an exciting rush. See who wins the sand ski among your squad!

  1. Riding on a Camel’s Hump

How come the national ranch of the UAE won’t allow camels to wander in it? Desert safari offers you a great opportunity to explore its vicinity by riding the camel. Take some cool snaps while sitting on the camel’s hump and take them along as souvenirs of desert safari. You are allowed to navigate the camel for 30 minutes or more depending on the time of your visit. Explore the archaic dunes of Arabia and wonder how Bedouins evolved from nomads to owners of the giant skyscrapers. 

  1. Breath-taking Views

The scenic landscape of the golden dunes of Dubai is not unknown to the world. The travellers can’t resist themselves coming and soak up in the gleaming reflections of the Arabian desert. The velvety-soft farthest spread sand carpets and the golden peaks of sand dunes. The floating hot air balloons, and the mesmerizing sunset & sunrise, these views are no lesser than a fantasy. The majestic desert safari offers you to get tranquility in its golden boundaries at just a glance.

  1.  Colors of Safari

The vivid shades of Arabian culture are of immense versatility in desert safari. There are lots of cultural activities to indulge in. Say it henna printing and you get the beautiful artistic henna designs on your hands and feet. The traditional Arabian attires are other modes of depicting your inspiration by the traditions of UAE. 

Sit in the Arabian Majalis and listen to the folklore of Bedouins along with the melodious native Arabian music. Moreover, the attractive campsites reflect the true colors of the old Arabian lifestyle which is quite inspiring.

  1. A Blast of Entertainment 

The nightlife of the desert safari in dubai is so renowned even the locals don’t miss them. After the thrilling adventures of all day, the visitors are invited to witness jaw-dropping live shows. These entertainment shows are the amazing portrayal of different forms of music, art, and dance. There are various dance forms presented in front of the audience. 

The famous Tanoura dance of folk Arabian style in which the mystics numb everyone by their spinning moves in colorful veils. The stunning fire dance is portrayed there by incredible stuntmen and dancers. Belly dancers in colorful dresses perform supple belly moves.

Moreover, other cultural dance forms such as Stick and Khaleeji dance are also portrayed live. If you don’t want to miss this wonderful show, go for an evening or overnight desert safari. 

  1. Tempting Food Ventures

The charcoal BBQ in the middle eastern style serving is another delight of the dunes. A royal buffet is set for the guests of desert safari which contains various local and international cuisines. Make the most out of your free and unlimited access to refreshing beverages and snacks. Out of these, there is Arabian coffee with dates, tea, and various soft drinks that are freely accessible. 

The savory consists of various veg and non-veg food for all kinds of eaters. You can enjoy this delicious feast in an evening or overnight tour to a desert safari. Whereas, a welcoming breakfast awaits you in a morning expedition.


The exciting ventures of desert safari are exceptional which cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. This makes this incredible barren of the UAE, a lovely place to visit. If you are someone who keeps a knack for adventures and thrill, the desert safari is a great sport for you to hit next. Enjoy your visit to this exquisite region of Dubai to the fullest of its bounties.

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