Bigg Boss 15 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 15 eleventh December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Summary Today:

Episode begins offevolved with Farah Khan coming into the stage. She welcome target target market and tell Salman’s flight is being behind schedule for that reason she can be able to host the show. Farah suggests the spotlight of the remaining night time episode. Karan and Tejasswi percentage a communicate approximately Vishal retaining latter his priority. He query Tejasswi why she didn’t advised him earlier than approximately Vishal. Tejasswi asks Karan why he’s getting affected. Karan says she is retaining in dark. Karan asks Tejasswi to prevent displaying attitude. Tejasswi defends herself. Karan hugs Tejasswi later.

Bigg Boss 15

There, Devoleena and Karan communicate with every other. Devoleena says Rashami impacts her. Karan endorse to speak and clean the misunderstanding. Devoleena and Rashami patch up. Nishant says authentic buddies patch up however faux ones don’t takem intiate.

Devoleena and Rashami patch up.

Rakhi asks Rashami to speak with Ritesh approximately his non-public life. Rashami asks Rakhi approximately issue. Rakhi says she worry Ritesh’s spouse would possibly document a case. Rashami asks Rakhi how she observed Ritesh. She asks Rakhi to revel in and now no longer to take tension.

On the stage; Farah talks approximately Rakhi securing her vicinity in finale week. She meet inmates. Inmates receives satisfied seeing Farah. Farah inform to housemates that Salman is bored stiff of them for that reason she is web website hosting the episode for them. She alert Umar, Devoleena, Pratik and Rajiv now no longer to overlap the communicate. Farah asks inmates to reveal a few recognize to guests.

Bigg Boss 15 11th December 2021

Farah name Karan ‘Devdas’ and says she remorse putting him on 1st position. She additionally spotlight ‘Tejasswi’ for now no longer gambling. Farah query Shamita for usually displaying ‘aggression’. She in addition asks Pratik to prevent interfering in every body’s matter.

Farah asks Nishant why he betray his very own buddies. She asks Develeena and Rashami approximately their friendship as they maintain bthing approximately every other. Inmates attempt to make clear. Farah don’t permit anybody speak. She in addition endorse Karan and Tejasswi to play personally.

Further, Farah plays a ‘Jail undertaking with inmates. She asks inmates to talk about upon the call who messed the residence remaining week. Farah provides the only who will cross withinside the prison won’t have the ability carry out race to finale tasks.

Inmates talk upon the call. Abhijit, Rakhi, Shamita, Ritesh determine upon Rashami’s call. Karan, Umar, Tejasswi, Rashami determine upon Rajiv and Pratik’s call. Farah asks inmates to inform the call. Rashami takes Devoleena’s call. Devoleena says Rashami’s actual face is discovered in the front of her. Both argues with every other. Later, every body ship Rashami to the prison submit the discussion. Rashami attempts to make clear nevertheless majority vote in opposition to Rashami and ship her prison.

Farah ship Rashami to the prison. She offers benefit to Rashami to take a component in finale tasks. Shamita attempts to alternate her vote however Farah don’t permit her. Farah says Rashami became now no longer the proper man or woman to ship to the prison.

Bigg Boss 15 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Ahead, Farah begins offevolved fan session. One fan asks Tejasswi why Karan has a hassle while she attempts to play her again. Tejasswi denies that her dating with Karan is toxic. Farah asks Tejasswi and Karan to play personally as it’s miles excessive time. Tejasswi vow to play personally.

Second fan says Tejasswi is handiest gambling for Karan. She calls Tejasswi a weakest contender. Farah declare Tejasswi play her game. Tejasswi says she is gambling her very own game.

Fan asks Pratik while he declare others get bodily however what while he too does the same. Pratik make clear to the fan. Farah recommendation Pratik to permit cross.

Fan asks Rakhi now no longer to convey content material out of shaggy dog story as Abhijit became joking. Abhijit thank you fan for helping him.

Farah indicators Ritesh for disrespecting Rakhi. She asks Rakhi now no longer to endure Ritesh’s aggression in the direction of her. Rakhi promise to Farah that she can be able to now no longer take Ritesh.

Fan ask Umar why he continues ruining Tejasswi’s game. Umar explains he don’t recognize Tejasswi sometimes. Later, Devoleena cries for trusting Rashami. She calls Rashami manipulative and liar. Rashami and Devoleena argues with every other. Rashami calls Devoleena opportunist.

Episode ends.

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