Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna’s Plan To Expose Swara

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 tenth December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa proclaims Swara as first-rate bahu opposition’s winner explaining that Swara has all of the traits of a first-rate bahu, she now no longer bothering approximately her win helped Hema while she fell down. Swara excitedly wears first-rate bahu opposition crown. Judges reward Desai bahus. Hema meets Kanak and informs her that Swara gained first-rate bahu opposition. Kanak says she simply desires to realize if Sagar agreed to her condition. Hema remembering Sagar’s caution says he promised now no longer to take Kanak’s name, however if he isn’t taken out of jail, he’ll drag even her into jail. Kanak guarantees that when she is out of jail, she can be able to get Sagar out. Hema needs Kanak’s jewelry. Kanak concurs and eagerly waits to get out of jail.

Gehna exams on Kusum earlier than drowsing and hopes she showers her love as a mom quickly. She then senses a person at the back of her. Swara frightens her, and she or he falls down.

Swara then laughs on her and reminds that Baa become hating her at the start and now could be in her favor, quickly she can be able to take over the complete residence and that is only a beginning. Next morning, Gehna dries fabric in garden while Anant walks to her and receives romantic. She shies and runs around. He says he has deliberate a wonder for her and asks her to get ready. She says she will be able to’t as there’s a lot anxiety at domestic and baa is irritated with her. He receives irritated that she doesn’t have time for him at all, he deliberate a wonder for her with a lot trouble and its waste to assume some thing from her. She attempts to calm him down. Kusum thinks she can be able to separate Gehna from her husband like she did years ago

Swara walks to Baa and seeing her praying thinks while will this vintage hag observe her, she desires to turn out to be a heroine quickly. Once Baa notices her, she says she were given a massive order for Pankaj’s bakery and could quickly flip his loss making commercial enterprise into worthwhile one. Anant fumes greater while his 5 famous person eating place reserving can not be canceled. Kusum says he ought to now no longer hassle approximately those who don’t take care of him and ought to celebration alone. Anant says he had booked a desk at a five famous person lodge and could revel in alone. She says she usually dreamt of getting meals at a five famous person lodge and requests to take her along. He concurs.

Swara serves neem juice, quinoa, and flaxseed to Baa in preference to normal meals mentioning her vintage age issues. Baa receives impressed. Gehna brings meals for Baa next. Swara asks her to take it again as Baa will now no longer have it. Gehna asks if she ought to put together meals for a saint who’s travelling them tonight. Baa asks Swara to absorb one greater duty and put together meals for saint. Gehna reminds that Swara has booked a beautician for her. Swara says she will be able to sacrifice some thing for own circle of relatives and could put together meals. Baa offers her an extended listing of dishes. Swara prepares meals fuming. Gehna taking part in facial walks to her and name callings her, leaving her fuming. Swara orders meals from eating place and thinks she can be able to provoke saint with eating place meals and no one will observe it. Baa walks in and tongue lashes her. Gehna smirks status apart and recollects making plans with Anant to show Swara. Out of flashback, she thinks its her tit for tat for Swara.

Precap: Swara acts as committing suicide with the aid of using burning her sari. Gehna attempts to forestall her, and Swara pushes her away. Pankaj enters and saves Swara. Baa warns Swara to forestall her drama. Pankaj orders Baa to express regret Swara.

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