Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2021 Written Update: Abhimanyu warns Harsh

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2021 Written Update

At the start of the episode, Savarna asks Manish if he’s doing proper with the aid of using now no longer supporting Birla. Manish says that those humans have a number of cash and with the assist of that they could keep their son. Aarohi tells Akshara that Abhimanyu’s exercise license may be cancelled if he fails to show his innocence. On the opposite hand, Harshavardhana tells Abhimanyu that he’s going to maintain Akshara worried in this situation beneathneath any situations due to the fact he’s going to now no longer allow the honour constructed with the aid of using his years visit waste.

Abhimanyu warns him that if he attempts to do some thing like this, he’s going to confess in courtroom docket that he did incorrect to Ruby. Harshvardhan is greatly surprised to listen this. Abhimanyu provides that he too is cussed like him and could now no longer maintain quiet if he attempts to annoy Akshara. Whereas Akshara is concerned approximately Abhimanyu. The subsequent morning Suhasani and Aarohi come to the temple. Aarohi meets Manjari there.

Manjari asks her to persuade Akshara to return back to the courtroom docket. Aarohi concurs to assist her. She assures her that not anything will occur to Abhimanyu. Here Abhimanyu prays to God that regardless of what happens, Akshara ought to live farfar from this situation. While Akshara comes to a decision that she can be able to testify for Abhimanyu. She exits the residence with the aid of using the lower back door. Here Aarohi comes domestic and he or she is set to visit Akshara’s room to speak to her.

Akshara sits withinside the car. She is set to begin the automobile but she receives greatly surprised to peer Kairav ​​withinside the car. Kairav ​​orders her to head in the residence. On the opposite hand, Ruby and her father lie in the front of the jury that after Ruby went to Abhimanyu’s cabin for a checkup because of sick health, Abhimanyu grabbed her hand and misbehaved with her. The jury asks Abhimanyu if he has any proof to show his innocence. Abhimanyu refuses.

Harshvardhan is set to mention some thing however his brother stops him. Further, the jury comes to a decision that if Abhimanyu has no proof to show his point, then they’ll must cancel Abhimanyu’s license. Akshara comes there and says in the front of every person that she is aware of what took place that day. Abhimanyu asks her to live out of the problem however Akshara does now no longer pay attention to him. Here Manish involves realize that Akshara has long gone to the hospital. Manish receives angry.

Abhimanyu asks Kairav ​​why he didn’t prevent Akshara from coming here. Kairav ​​says that he attempted however Akshara did now no longer pay attention to him. He recollects how Akshara had stated that if Abhimanyu is prepared to be disgraced in her love, then she too is prepared to be ruined in his love. Akshara in addition tells the jury that Ruby’s allegation is fake as she changed into additionally in Abhimanyu’s cabin at that time.

Precap: Akshara says she has a video to show her point. Ruby receives worried listening to this.

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