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Tips for Finding the Right TV Stands

by Mansi
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You may have recently given your home a makeover. Everything is coming along nicely, but still, you’re on the hunt for some TV stands. 

The last time you got a TV stand, it may not have been up to your expectations. The sizing was off, and it wasn’t the right style. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the right furniture, and TV stands are no exception. 

To help you find the proper TV stands for your setups, we’ve compiled a list of tips. The following tips will help you make the most of your TV stands and interior layouts! 

1. Consider the Size of Your TVs

The size of your televisions will dictate the size of your stands. Make sure to measure each TV before choosing stands. 

Take out a handy measuring stick and write down the measurements. Then, if you’re looking at stands online, compare the sizing to ensure each TV will fit. 

When deciding on stands, you must also make sure there is plenty of room between the TV and the wall. In addition, there should be enough space to put other things on or around it. And don’t forget about adding sound systems and DVD players. You’ll need enough room for them too! 

Another reason to consider the size is so that it’s stable. For example, your TV shouldn’t wobble around. Otherwise, it could fall and break! 

2. Consider the Decor in Your Interiors

Another thing to think about is the decor in each of your rooms. Ask yourself whether the TV stands you consider will complement your home’s style. Beautiful room TV stands should make a room more inviting and not stick out like a sore thumb. 

The color schemes throughout your house also play a part in selecting TV stands. Most TV stands are black, but some models come in other colors. If you have a lot of color in a room, you might want to go with a colored stand. On the other hand, if you have neutral colors, go with a black TV stand.

The room TV stands must align well with your decor so that everything blends in well. 

3. Consider its Material

The material from which the TV stands are made should also play a part in your decision-making. Not only is the appearance of each stand important, but the durability of it. For example, ensure that the TV stands you buy are sturdy enough to hold a television.

There are two main types of materials: wood TV stands and metal TV stands. Each has its pros and cons. All in all, though, both are great for holding a TV and keeping it safe from damage.

So, when looking for TV stands, consider their durability and materials. Then, choose the one that works best for your needs.

4. Ensure the Stands Have a Great Viewing Height

Another tip is to make sure each stand allows you to watch TV comfortably.

The TV should be at a height higher than eye level. But it shouldn’t be so high that it strains your neck when looking up at the screen. 

The sofa or chair you have in the room can also affect whether you have to crane your neck or not. So, take everything into account before making a purchase.

5. Go for a Stand with Multiple Convenient Features

Consider the features you want on your TV stands. Pay attention to things such as where and how to store the remote. 

Other things to think about are whether it has enough shelving. If you prefer to have a larger stand with shelves, you can place items there. Besides a TV, a multi-functional stand can hold decorative elements like picture frames.

Besides that, a TV stand with storage is ideal for DVDs and gaming equipment.

Your needs may vary from one room to the other. So, take note of everything before deciding on certain styles.

6. Pick Stands That Are Easy to Assemble and Use

This may not be a significant consideration. But it is still wise to make sure you can use your stand without any trouble.

Consider whether the instructions are clear and easy to follow. If you can’t assemble something on your own, you probably won’t be able to use it well. There may be someone to assist you, so you could ask for their help if you prefer a particular design. But if that isn’t an option, select a stand that will be easy for you to use. 

You may get a stand that you pull out from the wall. If you go with that option, make sure it’s easy to pull the stand out from the wall. If you move your TV onto the shelf each time, your TV should be easy to lift and place on the stand. 

The last thing you want is a stand that gets in your way or is impossible to use.

7. Consider the Price

Living room TV stands come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the price and quality to get the best value for your money.

Don’t spend too much on a stand when other models offer similar features at lower prices. Doing your research will ensure you find stands that give you the best bang for your buck. 


In conclusion, these are essential factors to think about before buying new TV stands. You’ll get the right type of stands for your home by taking everything into account. 

Good luck, and happy TV stand shopping!

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