The Flash’: Who Is the Mystery Girl? [Solved!]

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Once may have simply been a fluke, however that is now two times 3 4 5 instances that The Flash has teased a “thriller female” who appears to realize Barry and Team Flash quite well (at the same time as they do not apprehend her). A conspiracy forms! Back withinside the Supergirl element of “Crisis on Earth-X,” we first met a waitress (performed via way of means of Jessica Parker Kennedy) who changed into now no longer handiest honestly excited for a marriage of human beings she wasn’t anticipated to realize, however reminded Barry to make sure to say “I do.” Notably, way to Felicity’s interruption of Barry and Iris’ 2d wedding, the Flash duo did now no longer appear to make that specific vow, main to a concept that this thriller female is from the future — and probably Barry and Iris’ daughter.

While that could all were chalked as much as a few crossover craziness, the thriller female made a 2d look in “The Elongated Man Rises,” in which she fortuitously picked up a Jitters tab for Ralph and Cisco. Again, she changed into awesome clever and awkward and appeared like she knew the , aleven though they did not apprehend her. Most tellingly, she then went over and commenced writing down a few symbols in a journal.

If the ones symbols appearance familiar, we have got visible them some instances earlier than at the show. First, while Barry changed into free of Speed Force jail and nevertheless quite loopy on the begin of Season four he changed into writing the ones symbols everywhere. (Remember “this residence is bitchin’?”) We’ve additionally visible them seem on The Thinker’s face (earlier than he swapped bodies), that may suggest they did not originate with the Speed Force, however are in reality a manner to defeat DeVoe.

Which brings us returned to the query of: who’s the female? As noted, the maximum time-honored concept is that she is Barry and Iris’ daughter or granddaughter who has sped to the beyond to assist unfastened Barry from Iron Heights and clean his name. The one calculation DeVoe might not were capable of make is one in all Barry’s progeny coming returned to keep him … except this is additionally a part of DeVoe’s masterplan, and the entire Allen own circle of relatives thru the a while is being stuck up in his web. After all, if she is Barry’s daughter, she probably inherited his choice to tinker with the timeline as regularly as possible, like going returned and converting the beyond. But you do you, Allens!

In the comics, Barry and Iris have twins named Dawn and Don, who each inherited a fragment in their father’s fast abilities. While The Flash loves to pay homage to comedian characters and plotines, it by no means feels beholden to interpret them precisely as they’re written, so who is aware of that (1) if that is Dawn (2) her powers are similar to withinside the comics. She may want to have complete velocity abilities, or maybe a few meta electricity we do not but realize of.

There’s additionally a threat that she won’t be Barry and Iris’ daughter at all — she will be some other member of Team Flash’s daughter, or a person who turns into near the group some place else in time. Either manner, it looks like she’s truely a pal and now no longer a foe, and her know-how of this image language looks like an critical connecting sample walking withinside the historical past of this season. Who is aware of while we’re going to see her again, however given her 2d look now, it looks like she might be gambling a key function in Team Flash’s future.

Update: In “Enter Flashtime,” the episode concluded with Caitlin and Harry grabbing espresso at Jitters, and Caitlin simply beginning to inform him approximately how she felt Killer Frost’s difficulty for her if the bomb honestly went off. But simply as she did, the Mystery Waitress seemed and spilled a Killer Frost espresso (of course) throughout their table. After pronouncing she changed into imagined to be assembly human beings there for the primary time — in a awesome speedy and awkward manner that felt extra like Arrow’s Felicity than all people from The Flash — Caitlin and Harry go away pronouncing they wish it is going well, at the same time as our waitress offers a (sinister?) “It did.”

So what does that suggest? Could this be some other machination of DeVoe? It appears clean that this person is a speedster, so changed into DeVoe capable of harness the ones powers as well? Another opportunity is that Jay Garrick noted he changed into schooling up a brand new speedster (a “she”) on Earth-3 — may want to this Mystery Girl be related to that? And does it make it extra or much less probably that that is Barry and Iris’ daughter or granddaughter in view that she seemed to break Caitlin telling Harry approximately a in addition emotional reference to Killer Frost. Saving her or sabotaging her?

Update 2: In “Therefore She Is,” the episode’s stinger discovered a essential new clue approximately the identification of the Mystery Girl: she is truely a speedster. And what is extra, she had each crimson and yellow lightning while she sped away (earlier than, tellingly, Iris noticed her) — that are Barry and Iris’ velocity colors. So it appears quite apparent that she’s their daughter or granddaughter. This all happened, via way of means of the manner, while she indicates as much as Cecile’s child bathe and provides a present from “a person who desired you to realize how unique you are, a person who is aware that point is valuable and ‘proper now’ is all we’ve got (quite speaking).” Ominous words! Expect to get a particular solution to who she is via way of means of the season finale (that is developing soon).

Update 3: Confirmed! The Mystery Girl is Barry and Iris’ daughter, Nora. In the Season four finale, “We Are the Flash,” Mystery Girl knocks at the door of Joe’s residence at the same time as absolutely each person is celebrating the start of Joe and Cecile’s daughter. Once absolutely each person sees her, they name out all the instances they noticed her at some stage in the season, and he or she admits that she’s Nora West-Allen, from the future, and that she’s made a “huge mistake.” Earlier withinside the episode, we noticed her use her speedster electricity to assist Barry punch a satellite tv for pc into dirt to keep Central City. Did which have some thing to do with it? Another thriller changed into additionally solved — the symbols that Wells changed into incomprehensibly writing (in addition to the season’s maximum oft-uttered phrase, “This residence is bitching!”) have been all defined as being part of this day (or numerous days), which Barry need to have revisited withinside the Speed Force at the same time as he changed into current with out time. In any case, Mystery Girl solved! Except … in which do matters pass from here?

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