Pandya Store 6th November 2021 Written Update: Dhara suspects Gautam again

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The episode begins offevolved with health practitioner telling to Dhara approximately her unusual foetus, however Dhara’s telecellsmartphone receives switched off and he or she didn’t pay attention it. Dhara attempts to place her telecellsmartphone at the charger, however she’s not able as she’s shivering. Suman arrives there to reprimand Dhara, however she receives taken aback on seeing Dhara’s condition. Suman catches Dhara and make Dhara lie at the mattress and covers a with a quilt. Suman calls out Raavi. Suman regrets shouting at Dhara and express regret to her. Dhara says that nobody is at domestic. Suman receives water and makes Dhara to drink it. Suman is going via way of means of herself and convey water in a vessel and material. She moist the material and applies it on Dhara’s forehead. She sings a music to relax Dhara’s anxiety. Dhara slowly falls asleep. Suman prays to God for Dhara’s safety. She kisses Dhara’s forehead. She additionally falls asleepasleep sitting.

A guy stops Dev and asks path for Pandya house. Dev asks why what what occurred. The guy says that washing system turned into despatched from Janardan’s house, Kalyani has despatched it. Dev offers him cash and says that they 4 washing system, they don’t want it. Dev says that that is due to Rishita, Janardan’s own circle of relatives desired to humiliate them.

Gautam comes lower back domestic and unearths Raavi and Shiva talking in signal language to him and asks what’s the matter. Suman confronts Gautam and asks with whom he’s having affair. She threatens to kill the female and he or she won’t spare Gautam as properly if she unearths out that he’s doing wrong. Suman tells that Dhara were given ill and went to Raavi’s room as opposed to hers. Gautam receives taken aback and rushes to peer Dhara. Shiva says that she has visible how an awful lot Gautam cares for Dhara and asks Suman if she nonetheless thinks that Gautam will have affair with any other female. Suman says that it doesn’t seem, however Dhara…

Gautam involves Dhara and asks what occurred to her fitness.Dhara says that she were given flush. Gautam asks if she talked to the health practitioner. She says that she referred to as to the hospital, however couldn’t communicate to the health practitioner. But Suman’s love turned into with her. Suman took care of her with love, she’s very satisfied. Anita unearths Prafulla sticking poster and asks what she’s doing. Prafulla says that she has Chanllenged to get Raavi married earlier than Shiva’s marriage and he or she can do whatever for that. She asks Anita to paste the poster with her. Anita refuses and leaves. A boy arrives and says that he’s the proper healthy that she’s searching for. Prafulla scolds him and asks him to leave.

Pandya brothers pray status in the front in their father’s image and that they hug Suman. Gautam says that their dad might were satisfied that they’re starting Pandya keep branch, if he turned into alive. Dev says that they may construct extra branches I’m entire India. Shiva says that they may paintings difficult to meet their dad’s dream. Suman blesses them. Suman says that their dad used to mention that Gautam won’t permit their own circle of relatives seperated, he turned into right, Gautam maintains his brothers joined. Shiva says that Dhara additionally supported Gautam. Suman consents and thank you God to ship Dhara. She needs to get a grand-daughter.

Anita telephones Gautam to realize approximately Dhara’s fitness and asks if Dhara will come to the puja. Gautam says that Dhara will come and asks Anita to return back as properly. He disconnects the name. He receives a supplier’s name and makes a decision to speak after the puja. Dhara sees Gautam speaking in telecellsmartphone and wonders with whom he’s speaking.

Dhara asks Gautam why he hasn’t were given prepared yet. Gautam says that he desires to make her prepared first. He places Jasmine garland on her hair. Dev seems for Rishita and asks Raavi. She says that she hasn’t visible. Suman Raavi to deliver Dhara. Gautam says to Dhara that she seems beautiful. Dhara says that Gautam ought to have added any other Jasmine garland. Gautam is going to get prepared.

Dhara exams Gautam’s telecellsmartphone and thinks that Gautam deleted the quantity. She receives suspicious and begins offevolved looking if Gautam concealed any other garland. Raavi arrives and asks what she’s doing. Dhara says that Gautam requested a female to return back for Puja and deleted the quantity from name history. Raavi aassures her that she’s doubting the whole lot and Gautam isn’t like Shiva, who revealed Disha in his heart.

Suman calls them. They go. Gautam assures Dev that Rishita ought to have long past to the workplace and he or she will come. Anita arrives there. Raavi wonders why they referred to as Anita. Gautam stops an autoricshaw and makes Suman sits withinside the motormotorcycle. Dhara refuses to go along with Gautam at the motormotorcycle and sits with Suman in rickshaw. Shiva asks Raavi to take a seat down on his motormotorcycle, however Suman stops Raavi. Disha arrives and sits with Shiva at the motormotorcycle.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman stops Raavi from touching the call plate and says Disha to the touch it.

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