Nyra Banerjee on her role in ‘Barun Rai and the House on the Cliff’

by Mansi
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Actress and assistant director Nyra Banerjee may be visible in ‘Barun Rai and the House at the Cliff’ which has been shot withinside the UK. She talks approximately her position of ‘Soumili’ withinside the film and additionally the demanding situations she confronted at the same time as doing it.The actress additionally opens up approximately the individual ‘Barun Rai’ who has a few supernatural powers. ‘Barun Rai’ is performed through Priyanshu Chatterjee Nyra says: “Basically, ‘Barun Rai’ is an investigator who has those clairvoyant powers. So every time there may be a supernatural hobby that police can’t solve, ‘Barun Rai’ comes into the picture. He receives those visions of ways a homicide might had been achieved and thru his clairvoyance, his evaluation he detects the whole case and solves it.”She continues: “So, ‘House at the Cliff’ is essentially my tale, me and my husband, that is performed through Sid Makkar. We each are married, newly married couple and the way after moving to a brand new house, we undergo problems and the way ‘Barun Rai’ comes and facilitates us. The tale is ready that.”Nyra similarly provides at the demanding situations she confronted at the same time as doing this precise individual that changed into set withinside the technology of Nineteen Thirties on screen. “I needed to have a take a observe a part.icular technology and this changed into set withinside the Nineteen Thirties as a ways as I remember. So, the costumes, the appearance, my hairstyle, makeup, the accessory I attempted my pleasant to appearance suitable, relaxation the whole thing else changed into excellent.

“The movie additionally functions actors like Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sid Makkar, David Bailie, Aakash Shukla, Tony Richardson, George Dawson and Emma Galliano who may be visible in pivotal roles amongst others. This paranormal/mental horror movie is directed through Sam Bhattacharjee and produced through Unicorn Motion Pictures.The ‘One Night Stand’ actress well-knownshows similarly on running with the co-actors and director Sam.She provides: “I had a superb team. Sam is into VFX and this changed into his debut movie. He knew what type of pictures he simply desired and he had fantastic visions due to the fact he’s a VFX man and directing this complete tale that is primarily based totally on a real incident changed into fantastic. Even then, the actors I labored with have been senior actors like Priyanshu Chaterjee and Sid Makkar, we have become absolutely excellent buddies and we might make certain that the scene introduced quite a few energy. So, yeah, we had quite a few amusing collectively and it changed into a terrific experience.”On the query how she observed this task extraordinary from others, Nyra replies: “I actually have in no way performed a person from such an antique technology and 1/2 of Bengali and manifestly I actually have in no way been a part of any horror film. So, this changed into absolutely a extraordinary experience.”‘Barun Rai and the House at the Cliff’ is primarily based totally on incidents, anecdotes and folktales from regions which includes East Bourne and different coastal regions in Britain. The film may be launched on October 29 withinside the UK.

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