Nvidia to release a New 12GB RTX 2060 to counter Shortages

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Nvidia promised in advance this yr that it might launch new inventory of older GPUs, no matter the reality that the contemporary era of playing cards continues to be stricken by deliver shortages. According to The Verge, it is now turning in on that promise, liberating new RTX 2060s with 12GB of video RAM, that’s double what 2060 had whilst it changed into first launched in 2019.

The re-launch is supposed to provide game enthusiasts who’re having hassle locating less expensive playing cards even at the secondary marketplace greater options. The RTX 2060 changed into maximum possibly selected to be re-launched as it would not incorporate the equal additives which can be rumoured to be inflicting production bottlenecks for more moderen hardware.

The new 2060 playing cards can be to be had on December 7, in line with Nvidia, aleven though no pricing records has been provided. The new playing cards will maximum possibly price greater than the RTX 2060’s $349 release rate, in line with the agency in a assertion to The Verge. A spokesperson said, “We count on the rate to mirror the reality that it’s miles a top rate model of the RTX 2060 6GB.”

The new Founders Edition RTX 2060’s specs may be observed here. Aside from the accelerated video RAM, the cardboard seems to have some different minor improvements over the 2019 model, which include a better base clock pace and greater CUDA cores.

The international pandemic has brought on a chip scarcity in lots of areas, consisting of the PC marketplace. Even aleven though they may be now not new to the marketplace, photos playing cards and consoles are nevertheless in excessive demand. And, with many RTX 30-collection GPUs already commanding a top rate at retail, getting what you need at an inexpensive rate has come to be difficult.

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