Kundali Bhagya, 3 December 2021, Written Update: Media reaches at Luthra house

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In modern-day episode, Karan become riding the auto, whilst Preeta become hiding withinside the returned of the auto. Preeta remembers how Karan stopped her from going with him however she did now no longer need to live farfar from Pihu. Meanwhile, Sonakshi become with the kidnapper, she ordered him to hold a distance from Karan’s vehicle. Sonakshi dials the quantity that is already located withinside the vehicle, Karan receives worried. Preeta additionally thinks if that is her cell. Karan solutions the call, Sonakshi orders him to first throw his cell out of the auto so they’re certain that no person is monitoring his vehicle. Karan refuses to do it however Sonakshi explains he has no different choice. Sonaskhi praises him while he receives shocked; however, Sonakshi orders Karan to pressure on the street like she is announcing.

Sonaskhi orders him to prevent his vehicle after which shift the cash bag that is located in the back of his seat and does now no longer have the tracker. Sonakshi asks to throw the bag withinside the dirt bin. Sonakshi then asks him to attain the mill that is closed. Sonakshi is with the kidnapper who praises him announcing that she has even modified the region and has made Karan throw the bag. Meanwhile, Vinod calls Bhosle explaining how he wishes a favour; he explains there may be a case regarding a kidnapping which includes Pihu. Bhosle exclaims she is the daughter of Karan Luthra. Vinod explains they can’t take the assist of the police or some other agency. He needs Bhosle to observe the auto of Karan as they have got already located the tracker however Bhosle asks for the auto quantity citing that the abductors generally tend to extrade the region of the meet from wherein that they’d at first agreed to. So Bhosle has to observe Karan for Pihu and his safety.

After this while Karan reaches the destination, a few policemen kill the goons. And Karan receives irritated with the police. Meanwhile, a few journalists come to the Luthra residence and begins offevolved asking inquiries to Vinod approximately Karan and Pihu.

We have visible this episode on channel’s OTT platform.

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