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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th December 2021 Written Update: Jamuna slaps Gehna

by Mansi
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Episode starts offevolved with Kusum remembers Gehna’s words. Swara tells her that she is without a doubt worn-out and asks her approximately day after today’s game. Kusum tells her that the latter has to exercise for day after today’s game. She ties the latter’s eyes and asks to seize her. Swara fails to seize her and finally ends up hurting herself. She unties herself and asks the latter that why she didn’t shop her. Kusum tells her that she didn’t desired to shop her and day after today additionally she isn’t always going to shop her so the latter has to combat her personal battle. Swara asks her this is the latter scared of Gehna. Kusum tells her that she can’t assist her and throws her out of the room.

On the opposite hand, Anant wakes Gehna up and asks her to visit Jamuna. Gehna runs to Jamuna’s room and remembers that how Jamuna informed her to now no longer input the room. Sapan tells Praful that Jamuna’s lifestyles in danger. Gehna is ready to go into the room however Swara drags her apart announcing that she won’t permit her input the room. Kusum closes her mouth to save you her from screaming. Gehna hears Anant’s scream and he or she pushes Swara and Kusum and is going to Jamuna’s room. She receives taken aback seeing Jamuna subconscious and it seems to be her dream.

Next day, Jamuna notices that Gehna sound asleep in the front of her room. Gehna asks her to erase the boundary line. Jamuna asks her to now no longer disturb her. Kusum tells Swara that Gehna is aware of to play with coronary heart too. Praful and Anant asks Jamuna to forgive Gehna. Jamuna tells them that Gehna has to live in her limits. Gehna tells her that she can’t live farfar from her and begins offevolved erasing the boundary line so Jamuna slaps her.

Hema asks Jailer that why they positioned Kanak in separate cell. Jailer tells her that Kanak began out behaving ordinary that’s why for others protection they positioned Kanak in separate cell. Kanak asks Hema approximately Sagar’s decision. Hema tells her that he has now no longer determined something yet. Kanak tells her that she desires Pankaj to satisfy her. Hema tells her that he divorced her so why he’ll come to satisfy her. Kanak talks approximately her splendor and behaves bizarre which concerns Hema.

Gehna tells Jamuna that the latter can slap her once more and pleads for forgiveness. Jamuna tells them that she is getting overdue for opposition and actions from there. Swara thinks that she desires a person in her crew and is going to Pankaj’s room.

Anant asks Gehna to get geared up for opposition and Jamuna will announce her as ‘first-class bahu’ today. Swara tells Pankaj that she determined to go back to his room. He tells her that he desires time and is going to bathroom. She learns that Kanak has been admitted in medical institution and he or she hides that information from Pankaj.

Jamuna learns that Hema went to temple. Swara calls Kusum however no reaction from different side. Gehna learns that Kanak is in medical institution and Swara hided approximately it from Pankaj. She tells Swara that Pankaj merits to understand this. Swara makes her subconscious to prevent her from telling the fact to Pankaj.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jamuna defends Swara in the front of Kanak and Gehna.

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