Pandya Store 6th December 2021 Written Update: Dhara yells at Rishita

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At the start of the episode, Shiva apologizes to Ravi for his mistakes. Saying this he leaves from there. Ravi feels as though she has heard the pulse of a stone. She wonders if Shiva has genuinely changed. Here Dev thinks that Dhara become right, they did incorrect together along with her. He is going to Rishita and tells her that they need to visit Dhara and do some thing to repair her situation.

Rishita explains to him that if all of us can enhance the situation of Dhara, it’s far Gautam. Dev does now no longer suppose that Gautam might be capable of do something as Dhara has declared that she now hates Gautam. Here Shiva asks Ravi if she can be able to forgive him. She refuses and asks him to have tea. Shiva asks if she can be able to forgive him after having tea. Ravi refuses and leaves from there. Keerti calls Krish.

She asks him how is he. Krish stocks together along with her that he could be very unhappy as Dhara and Gautam are fighting. Keerti asks him now no longer to fear as the whole thing might be excellent soon. While Kamini and her father see her speaking to someone. Kirti receives worried. Here Rishita tells Dev that he need to now no longer consider Dhara however approximately the store. Dev asks her how can she think about all this in any such time of trouble. He leaves from there in anger.

Rishita thinks approximately what’s going to she do now. Shiva asks Ravi while will she forgive him. Ravi says that she can be able to forgive him best while he can reconcile Gautam and Dhara. Here Janardan is checking Keerti’s telecellsmartphone. Kamini takes the telecellsmartphone from his hand and says that she can be able to see it all. She similarly sees that Keerti is speaking to Krish. She scolds her. Keerti says that they’ll by no means apprehend her friendship.

Shiva tells Ravi that Dhara will now no longer concentrate to him and consistent with him the fault is likewise their’s. Ravi shall we out that it isn’t their fault as they did all this to store her. Shiva insists on her to forgive him and forget about a majority of these things. Ravi leaves from there. Shiva receives upset. While Ravi is having amusing through troubling Shiva. The subsequent morning Suman offers Dhara milk to drink. She refuses. However, Suman asks her to drink it. Dhara does the same. Ravi and Rishita get glad seeing this.

Rishita similarly tells Gautam that he need to make an apology to Dhara. Gautam is aware her point. He is going to Dhara and asks her to concentrate to him. Dhara leaves from there with out paying attention to him. Gautam is going after her and says that nowadays she has to concentrate to him. He provides that if Dhara has misplaced her baby then he has additionally misplaced her baby. He says that due to the fact that he loves her a lot he comes to a decision to store her. Dev and Shiva need to prevent Gautam. But Suman stops them. Gautam tells Dhara that best the arena has now no longer taunted her, he has additionally were given to pay attention many things. Janardan even referred to as him impotent. Rishita is going to speak to Dhara. Dhara asks her to live out of this.

Precap: Dev tells Rishita that her boss has fooled them, now they should supply him 15 lakh rupees with interest. Rishita receives shocked.

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