Pandya Store 3rd December 2021 Written Update: Gautam tries to pacify Dhara

by Mansi
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At the start of the episode, Rishita and Ravi ask Dhara to take a relaxation and upload that they may do the family chores. Shiva is satisfied to look that Ravi is looking after Dhara. Ravi in addition asks Shiva if he Will drop her at college. Shiva says that he has paintings withinside the shop. Ravi says that Kaka will contend with the shop. But now he has to assist her.

On the opposite hand, Anita tells Parfula that her paintings can be less complicated if she enables her to get Gautam. Parfula thinks approximately it. Meanwhile, Rishita is overdue to return back to the office. Her boss receives angry. He tells her that if Rishita does now no longer want this task then she have to depart this task. Rishita apologizes for her mistake.

Her boss tells her that if she actually realizes her mistake, she have to get the paintings completed on the Pandya save finished as quickly as possible. Rishita nods yes. Here Keerti brings breakfast for Krish. She sees that Krish is depressed and attempts to accurate his mood. Krish stocks his grief with her. He tells her that his sister-in-regulation could be very quality and he or she did properly with all and sundry and he or she didn’t deserve what took place to her. Keerti is aware it.

Gautam involves Dhara. He attempts to speak to her. However, Dhara ignores him and is ready to depart. But she begins offevolved feeling dizzy. Gautam attempts to deal with her. Dhara advises him to live farfar from hee. Here Kris thank you Keerti for looking after him. Further Gautham tells Dhara that they have to visit see a movie. Dhara receives angry. She asks him how he can dare to return back to her after killing her infant. She provides that Gautam is the killer of her infant. Gautam stands stunned. Tears properly up in his eyes.

Dhara tells her now no longer to try this drama. Because she is aware of that Gautam didn’t need this infant, his behaviour modified whilst she have become pregnant. Rishita attempts to speak to Dhara to pacify her. But Dhara tells her to preserve quiet. She orders that no person will talk among her and Gautam today. Suman says that she usually knew that after Dhara’s silence breaks, the flood will come.

Gautam attempts to persuade her that this isn’t always true. He provides that he did all this for her handiest as her foetus isn’t always developing. Dhara questions why he didn’t inform her this fact earlier. Gautam explains due to the fact the medical doctor forbade him. Dhara says weeping that if he informed her approximately this then she tells her infant now no longer to try this to her mom and her infant will concentrate to her. Gautam explains to her that there may be not anything to be dissatisfied approximately. He will visit some other medical doctor. Dhara says however now she doesn’t agree with him. And if he actually desires to do some thing for her then he have to deliver her her infant back. Gautam stands shocked.

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