Pandya Store 20th November 2021 Written Update: Gautam learns about Krish not paying the electricity bill

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The episode begins offevolved with Shiva announcing that he’ll do that engagement and difficult her to prevent it. Raavi Raavi plucks the flower petals from the bouquet and thows it over mattress. She congratulates Shiva for his engagement and he or she guarantees to Shiva that she can be able to get married at his engagement day. Shiva pushes Raavi at the mattress and places the flower petals over Raavi’s face congratulating her for her wedding ceremony.

Suman is asking after the engagement arrangements. Dev is ready outdoor toilet for Rishta to return back out. Rishita comes out. Dev asks Krish to carry bucket complete of warm water, he goes to take bath. Rishta asks him to apply the heater, however Dev refuses which angers Rishita. Suman calls out Raavi and asks why she’s nevertheless carrying mangalsutra. She reminds Raavi that she’s this residence’s ex daughter in regulation and has to go away after Dhara offers beginning to her child. Suman asks Raavi to do away with the mangalsutra.

Raavi attempts to mention something. Suman shuts her and asks to present her the mangalsutra. Raavi offers it and appears at Shiva, who silently looking it. Dhara scolds Gautam for purchasing prepared for his married brother’s engagement. Gautam corrects that he’s divorced. Dhara says that she doesn’t be given this divorce. Dhara asks Gautam to kidnap Shiva with a purpose to prevent the engagement. Gautam refuses. Dhara says that she won’t pay attention to him and needs to kidnap Shiva.

Gautam makes Dhara take a seat down and says that Suman will nevertheless do his engagement while they’ll launch Shiva, she will even do without delay his wedding ceremony in spite of everything drama. Gautam asks Dhara to now no longer pressure. Dhara says that he’s giving her pressure now no longer supporting her. Dhara says that she won’t permit Shiva’s engagement occur in spite of everything Shiva and Raavi are her youngsters as properly. Gautam offers his swear to Dhara and asks to now no longer communicate approximately it to them. He leaves. Dhara says that even his swear can’t prevent her from preventing their engagement.

Shiva involves Suman. The latter indicates him the engagement ring. Shiva says that she’s doing wrong. Suman asks Shiva to now no longer endorse her and blames Raavi for that. She is going close to the properly and threatens to leap. Raavi comes and sees this. Shiva consents to pay attention to Suman. The latter leaves asking Shiva to get prepared. Raavi and Shiva have a take a observe every other. Shiva leaves.

Shiva is getting prepared for the engagement ceremony. He says that he’s tied with Suman’s swear and he’s not able to inform the fact. He desires to leap withinside the properly withinside the location of Suman and stop this. Raavi arrives there and scoffs Shiva announcing that he must be very excited for his engagement. Shiva consents. Raavi says that she’s additionally satisfied and could dance decking up. Raavi says that Shiva is shameless for doing engagement no matter listening to what the decide stated withinside the court. Shiva asks her to undergo the outcomes of her challenge. Raavi says that he’s similarly accountable for the mess. Shiva asks why she will’t say the fact. He asks her to inform the fact earlier than his engagement else he’ll do the engagement. Raavi angrily leaves.

Suman is admiring the lighting fixtures decorations. Suddenly the lighting move off. Gautam tests outdoor and says that lighting has long gone most effective of their residence. Gautam calls withinside the power branch and unearths out that the power invoice hasn’t paid. Gautam calls out Krish and asks why he didn’t pay the power invoice. Krish says that that cash become spent on pizza and burger. Gautam receives a keep on with hit Krish, however Rishta asks him to go away Krish. She says that he has achieved an excellent activity in his lifetime. Suman worriees how Shiva engagement will take location. Dhara is grateful that lighting went off.

Dhara takes a blanket and is going out of the residence at the same time as Suman and Gautam are busy in scolding Krish. Dev and Rishta be aware this and stay silent. Dev calms down Suman and Gautam and asks Rishta to pay the invoice online. Rishta says that she can be able to pay, however the power will come after one hour. Suman asks how she can be able to welcome Disha’s mother and father in darkness. She says that they won’t even get invator in night time time. Raavi is going to the kitchen. She receives at the stool to get the candle. She falls, however Shiva catches her. Raavi asks what he’s doing here. Shiva says that she is afraid of darkness. Raavi says that he’s displaying expertise and asks why he fails to apprehend her emotions and asks her to mention it. Shiva stays silent. Raavi lighting the candle and leaves.

Suman asks why Dhara isn’t come down yet. Gautam is going to check, however Dev and Rishta prevent him announcing that she should be getting prepared. Rishta says that she paid the power invoice online. Dhara is strolling at the rood. She receives a name and says that she’s coming in minutes. Dev is going to Dhara-Gautam’s room. He takes out at Dhara’s saree and wears masking her head. Gautam comes there to name out Dhara. Rishta says that Dhara is getting prepared. Gautam asks why she has her head covered. Rishta says that she desires him to look while she’s completely prepared. Gautam asks Dhara to return back down speedy and leaves.

Disha and her mother and father are at the manner in vehicle. Their vehicle stops. The motive force says that the tyre is flat and asks who has thrown nails at the road. Suman asks why lighting haven’t come lower back yet. Gautam asks Dev to carry candles. Dev says that they don’t have candles at home. Krish telephones Rishta and says that he has flatten the automobile tyre. Rishta asks Krish to kidnap Disha’s mother and father. Krish asks how he can kidnap them while Disha is with them. Rishta says that until Dhara is doing her work, she can be able to name Disha and could maintain her busy in communicate. She desires him luck. Suman repeats the same. Rishta turns round and appears shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap : Raavi stops the engagement and asks Shiva to interrupt his relation together along with her earlier than getting engaged stunning the family.

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