‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’ Image Reveals Young Gojo in Prequel Movie

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Whether or not it’s from the pages of its unique manga or its first season of its anime adaptation, Jujutsu Kaisen continuously offers lovers greater to appearance ahead to. With an lively prequel film, Jujutsu Kaisen zero withinside the works, lovers are clamouring to get a have a take a observe whatever in an effort to be withinside the movie. Now, they’ve some thing new with the animation studio MAPPA liberating the primary have a take a observe one of the collection’ fundamental protagonists, Gojo Satoru.

The photograph comes from the reliable Jujutsu Kaisen zero internet site and affords lovers the primary have a take a observe what the effective sorcerer seems like in his more youthful age. He nevertheless keeps his acquainted black outfit and white hair, aleven though there are some variations from the layout lovers have come to realize which are really really well worth noting. Besides him being more youthful, some thing that changed into to be expected, the largest alternate among the 2 designs is his eyes. In the collection so far, Satoru covers each of his eyes with a black blindfold, aleven though on this new layout has him overlaying handiest his proper eye with a white blindfold, aleven though it does look like a scientific cloth.

The purpose why he wears the blindfold withinside the relaxation of the collection is associated with his Cursed Technique, so to look him handiest overlaying certainly considered one among his eyes increases some questions for lovers of the anime. Does it nevertheless have some thing to do together along with his Cursed Technique or does the truth that it’s far white rather than black symbolize a few form of injury? The film is ready to comply with the man or woman Yuta Okkotsu, a man or woman that manga lovers are acquainted with and that anime lovers were getting allusions to thru its first season. The prequel movie is supposed to flesh out the man or woman earlier than he makes his debut right in the imminent seasons of the anime.

Jujutsu Kaisen debuted as a manga collection in 2018 and is written via way of means of and illustrated via way of means of Gege Akutami.​ The tale takes area in a global wherein all dwelling matters exude some thing referred to as Cursed Energy. As human beings emanate this Energy, it creates Curses, beings that handiest preference to damage humanity. Here we discover Yuji Itadori, a excessive faculty pupil who’s possessed via way of means of a effective Curse referred to as Ryomen Sukuna.

Itadori joins a mystery institution called Jujutsu Sorcerers, people that realize the way to manipulate their Cursed Energy, which manifests into Cursed Technique, skills which are particular to them. With their help, he seeks a manner to kill the effective Curse this is inside him. The anime collection premiered in October of 2020​​​​​​ and is directed via way of means of Sunghoo Park. The 2d season and prequel film are each presently in production.

Jujutsu Kaisen zero is ready to launch on December 24 in Japan, aleven though there’s presently no phrase of while the prequel to the famous collection will arrive internationally. You can see the newly launched artwork for Gojo below:

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