JonBenét Ramsey’s Brothers Have Spoken out About the 6-Year-Old’s Unsolved Murder

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After Dr. Phil found out wherein JonBenét Ramsey’s brother is those days, JonBenét’s nonetheless-unsolved 1996 homicide is getting any other exam on ABC on Friday, Jan. 15, with the 20/20 episode, “The List: Who Killed JonBenét?”

The two-hour unique functions a brand new interview with John Andrew Ramsey, JonBenét’s half-brother, who’s speakme out approximately the case some years after Burke, JonBenét’s brother, broke his silence in a Dr. Phil episode. Here’s what John Andrew and Burke have stated…

Burke spoke out publicly for the primary time in 2016.

Burke gave his first public interview to Dr. Phil in 2016, wherein he defined that he had lengthy averted the press. “For an extended time, the media essentially made our lives crazy,” he stated. “It’s difficult to overlook the cameras and information vans on your the front yard, and we’d visit the grocery store sometimes, and there’d be a tabloid with my image [and] JonBenét’s image plastered at the the front. They might comply with us round. Seeing that as a touch kid [was] simply this chaotic nightmare … It simply made me a personal person.”

The then-29-year-vintage — who works as a software program engineer, consistent with The Sun — additionally spoke back to the general public’s lingering theories that he killed JonBenét and that his mother and father included up the entirety that befell. “Look on the proof or the shortage thereof,” he stated. “I don’t understand what to mention to that due to the fact I understand that’s now no longer what befell. There’s been some human beings who’ve stated it’s now no longer even bodily feasible for a 9-year-vintage to do that.”

At the time, many visitors had been creeped out — or even suspicious — due to the fact Burke become smiling for the duration of the interview. But on his show, Dr. Phil provided an interpretation of Burke’s behavior.

“This is anxiety,” the host stated. “He’s socially uncomfortable. I’ve visible it a lot. He’s now no longer autistic, he’s now no longer weird, he’s now no longer creepy. He’s simply nervous. This is a younger guy that has grown up in type of a siege mentality … You must understand, whilst this befell, he become plucked out due to the fact the media become throughout them. So he’s been moved round a lot. He lived in isolation pretty a bit, and he’s simply now no longer socially snug, and he’s surely now no longer snug being on camera.”

John Andrew says JonBenét’s killer can nonetheless be found.

In the brand new 20/20 installment, John Andrew defined the toll the case — and all of the suspicion — has taken at the Ramsey own circle of relatives.

“We misplaced our sister and our daughter, a own circle of relatives member. We had been victims, and the very human beings that we concept had been gonna are available and shield us and assist us had been pointing the finger at us,” he instructed 20/20, in step with ABC News. “We had been simply everyday human beings after which all of a surprising our global simply were given grew to become upside down.”

He additionally confident the general public the case may be solved. “There’s a story available that that is an unsolved murder and that we simply must receive that as fact, and that isn’t always the truth,” he stated. “If we leverage the proof [and] we comply with the facts, we can locate this killer.”

He went on: “What befell to JonBenét, what befell to my own circle of relatives, what befell to the network at large, is wrong. This 6-year-vintage little woman become killed on [investigators’] watch and, ultimately, they’re liable for locating the killer, and they are able to do it, and we need them to do it.”

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