‘GoT’ star Lena Headey reacts to the backlash on her nude scene

by Mansi
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Actor Lena Headey, who portrays the individual of Cersei Lannister in GoT is being trolled, following her nude scene withinside the HBO hit.

As suggested with the aid of using Fox News, the actor spread out to The Sun approximately the backlash and stated that she became pregnant whilst the scene became filmed, so she used a frame double for a sequence, wherein a cult pressured her to stroll thru the streets naked.

“Some humans idea I became much less of an actress as I used a frame double,” Headey recalled. “It became a chunk shocking. [The stand-in] observed it very difficult, obviously. It’s now no longer a herbal element to do.”

However, she delivered that she isn’t always towards acting withinside the buff.

“I’ve executed nudity. I’m now no longer averse to it,” she stated. “I’m a completely emotional actor and get simply pushed with the aid of using that. To do my job, I permit myself to be simply vulnerable. I do not know some other manner,” Headley asserted.

She disclosed how gambling Cerci, in 2013, helped her sail thru the trauma of divorce from Peter Loughran – her husband of six years.

“I attempted to position into Cersei in a manner that became cathartic for me, in any other case I might have had a meltdown,” she informed The Sun.

Expressing disappointment over the quit of the much-awaited series, Headey stated she can be able to leave out the show, however might be keen to strip herself off the “the itchy turnip,” the cropped wig.

“I hated that element. I might have appreciated to burn it,” she confessed, including that “anyone continues asking me if I took something from the set however, I did not take something.”

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