Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th December 2021 Written Update: Virat kills Sadanand during firing

by Mansi
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The episode starts offevolved with Virat shouts and makes manner for the minister, at the same time as Sadanand stands and appears at his plan failing. He begins offevolved firing and shoots a polican. Both aspects firing goes on. Virat stands infront of the Sadanand, he receives shot in his hand, he recollects how Sai has tied thread in that hand. Virat then recollects DIG reaction and recollects his duty, he then shot in Sada coronary heart he falls at the floor, Virat runs and preserve him, different terrorist run away. Sai is crying and says that she by no means gave significance to the Mangalsutr, however now she realised its significance. She prays to God and ask that she wishes her Mangalsutr and the individual that made her put on it, she wishes each again.

Virat tells to Sadanand that he’s sorry for doing this, Sadanand tells to Virat to attend to Shruti and assist her carry their child on this global and assist her to shop her and their toddler from police. He additionally tells him to maintain their unborn toddler call as Saas, he then dies in Virat lap. Ashwini brings Sai mangalsutra and offers her, she is glad and prays to God for Virat. Ashwini says that she alo does the identical for Ninad while he use to move for his duty. Sai says that she is Virat mom so she have to be involved extra for him, however Ashwini says that there may be no comparison.

DIG sir appears at Sadanand frame and tells to Virat that he’s pleased with him, Virat says that he failed in convincing Sadanand to give up himself. DIG tells to Virat that he stored many human beings from this attack, he request sir to offer him his frame. But DIG attempts to calm him down, he then recollects the promise he made to Sada to assist his wife. Shruti shouts at the alternative terrorist and ask them approximately Sadanand, they tell her approximately his death. She sits at the floor and cries her coronary heart out and recollects how they promosed to stay a very good existence after the mission. She says that he has damaged his promise and the way she can be able to manage the child, she ask them approximately her husband frame, they are saying that police have to be there, she says that she isn’t scared and desired to sense his husband. Devyani comes and apologies to Sai that via way of means of mistake she has damaged the Mangalsutr.

Ashwini ask Sai and Devyani to assume right, if they’ll assume right the whole thing right will manifest to Virat. Devyani ask God to carry Virat competently again domestic then best she can be able to have a good time Bhaiduj with all 3 of his brother. Virat desires to look for Shruti earlier than the police to shop her, he tests the map and is going in the wooded area to search for her. While Shruti is at taking pictures factor and places his blood on her head, she ask approximately his frame they advised that an IPS officer Virat has taken hua frame, she says that she desires to meet him.

Precap- Bhavani ask Sai to wish for Virat and now no longer cry, she says that its her proper to cry and no person can prevent her. Virat tells to Shruti approximately the promise he made to his dieing friend, however she factors a gun on him.

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